Monday, July 25, 2016

Major Score!

Lucky me, I happened to pull over Saturday morning when I noticed an interesting looking garage sale.

Just as I walked into the yard 2 people were carrying out this gorgeous burl wood coffee table.

I asked, "is that sold?"

And was told, "no, we were just bringing it out."

With my heart beating wildly, I said that I loved it and how much were they asking?

We went back and forth for a bit, neither one of us wanting to throw out a number.

Finally, he threw out a number.


I'm thrilled with this beauty, and thinking of replacing the current coffee table in my living room with it.

Did you score anything good over the weekend?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Crudite Anyone?


I came across these fabulous renditions of crudite platters on Domino and just had to share the love!

I am so inspired!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Living

We haven't had a summer vacation yet but all it took for me to get inspired to do a little upgrade to our summer room or as my hubby calls it, his mancave, which is actually our garage, was this little number...

It had been sitting for the longest time in my favorite thrift store and as hard as I tried to ignore it, it finally got my attention when one night as I was watching a movie with my hubby I imagined it across the room replacing an existing bench.

Bright and early the following morning I high tailed it over there hoping it would still be there waiting for me!

I sighed a breath of relief when I spied it over in the corner. 

It was originally priced at $250 but had been lowered recently to $100.

I asked politely if they might meet me at $75. 

 They promptly agreed as they were anxious to free up space.

Once I got it home it became the catalyst for further upgrades in the space.

I channeled India Hicks Hibiscus Hill and started pulling things out that I have had stored away in hopes of an opportunity to bring them to life!

I organized this formerly messy and overburdened bookshelf.

And installed this old wood shelf over the door to hold some of my beloved shells.

I swapped out the sisal for my trusty zebra rug.

(What you see behind the couch is my inventory of treasures)

I re-styled the areas on top of my built in cabinetry with some blue and white Chinese porcelain, vintage bottles in wicker and antique Chinese tins.

I picked up a small palm tree at Home Depot.

I love this antique painting of a handsome young lad holding a boater!

(Sorry for odd perspective but it was hard to photograph with the glare from the glass!)

And am in the process of hanging more of my vintage straw hat collection over my new "Cabinet of Curiosity."

It's funny, all these years I collected these random treasures, I never imagined I would find the perfect way to display them!

It's Summer and the living is easy :)

Hope yours is swell!