Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Preview

I'm working on filling up my Etsy & Ebay Shops and thought I'd give you all a peek of what's in store!

Vintage Straw Basket from Napoli, Italy c. 1950's
Spoken For

Roseville Art Pottery

Signed Painting
26 x 26

Cloisonne Vase

Chinese Lacquer Box

Small Floral Vase

Vintage Leather Playing Card Belt

Vintage Rayon Equestrian Scarf
Spoken For

Vintage Tennis Theme Suspenders

Vintage Louis Vuitton Carry on Luggage
(Authenticity unknown)

Antique Spode Felspar Porcelain

Set of 3 Majolica Plates

Pair of Vintage Asian Ancestor Candles
Spoken For

Roseville Art Pottery

Antique Brown Velvet Drawstring Pouch

Vintage Porcelain Pitcher/Vase

Vintage Package of Dye

Victorian Beaded Cushion

Vintage Hand-painted Floral Bowl

Vintage Bath Dusting Powder

Vintage Silk Embroidered Pillow Cover

Chinese Canton Enamel Plate

Vintage Needlepoint Butterfly Pin Cushion

Antique "make- do" repairs plate

Vintage Dog Figurine

Antique Ironstone Platter

Vintage Collectible Limoges Castel

Vintage Yellow Enamelware Bowl

Vintage Asian Motif Teapot
w/ repaired spout

Pair of shallow Asian baskets

Vintage Glass Dome for Religious Statues
w/ votive candle

Vintage Mirrored Waste Basket
(missing pieces)

Vintage Bamboo Folding Rack

Paloma Barcelo Suede Espadrilles
w/leather straps
Size 39

J. Crew Canvas Bag

Hand Colored Rectangular Dish
Delano Studios
7.5" x 5.5"

Set of 3 Blue and White Patterned Dansk Plates
8" in diameter

Slate Display Stand

Pair of MCM Wood Candlesticks

Majolica Pitcher

Vintage Leather Humidor

Rectangular Wooden Asian Tray

Set of 6 Dansk Dishes

Set of 4 Turkey Compotes

Antique Ironstone

Stack of Antique White Ironstone Dishes

Floral Plate

Antique Large White Ironstone Bowl

Coral Votive Holder

Set of 2 Green Glazed Pots

100 Year Old Trophy
Dated 1916
Spoken For

Blue and White Drip Vase

NILOAK Art Pottery Pitcher

Antique Blue & White Onion Pattern Teapot
Missing lid, repaired handle

Vintage Rattan & Cane Shelf
Spoken For

Set of Gold Rimmed Shallow Bowls

Decorative Wooden Fish

Antique Ironstone Chamber Pot

Set of 4 Peach & Cinnabar Rimmed Plates

Vintage Asian "Geta" Wooden Sandals

Antique Ironstone Chamber Pot

Vintage Collectible Cosmetics Box

Antique Ethnic Hand Carved Wooden Bowl

Vintage Mirrored Tissue Box

Vintage Apilco French Porcelain

Vintage Suede Asian Top

Small Vintage Red Mirror
Spoken For

Red Patterned Cardboard Picture Frame

Feinschmecker Board Game

Vintage Granat Bros. Jewelry Box

Vintage JOY Perfume Box

Vintage Collectible Box

Antique Brass Lock & Key

Antique Enamel Red Cross Pin

Antique Floral Millinery

Vintage Ferragamo

Decorative Glass Mushroom

Pair of bronze koi fish

French Basil Shaker

Emma Bridgewater Mug

As you can see, I'll be pretty busy listing all these items but in the meantime if you see anything interesting email me and let's make a deal!


Nancy said...

sent you an email about the first bag :) but also could you include the price of the green asian figure candles? love them.

LRS4AMANDA said...

That's a lot of loot Teri!! I have been selling on eBay for a little over 2 years now. (my sister got me started) I have to ask where you find all this great stuff?? I hit estate sales and garage sales mostly close to home...thrift stores not so much, most of the time the prices are too high now to make any profit. I'm pretty picky about what I sell. Maybe it's the area you are in?

I was laughing at the Asian wooden sandals...believe it or not I had a similar pair in the early 70's. Wore them to middle school one day and got sent home to change shoes. :)

What is your seller name on eBay?

Linda in San Diego

La Dolfina said...

Hi Linda!
You are too funny:)
So nice to hear from you:)
That is great you started selling on eBay!
I do live in a treasure rich area here in the Bay Area for sure. I have a lot of luck in thrift stores in my area. I also go to some estate sales and consignment shops.
I always say that treasures find me:)
I think you can find me on eBay as rerbear.

FrenchBlue said...

I LOVE the Basil shaker! So great to see you! I have been gone for 2 years!

La Petite Gallery said...

wish the JOY box had a full bottle, That's my Favorite.
You have so many great items. Wish I knew how to sell in the net.
I need to start deleting lots of items in this house.
I saw so many things I'd like but alas at 80 I don't need anything else.
Wishing you a great summer season. yvonne