Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fresh Finds

I came across this pair of unusual coral prints at my local thrift store last week.

What I really love about them is the Chinese Red background color juxtaposed against the sepia toned coral.

I turned them around to discover they came from Z Gallerie.

I wasn't sure I could find a place for them but at $8 each I figured I would take the chance that I might just find the perfect spot...

I also recently found this Pagoda Jewelry Box and placed it on top of the secretary desk that houses my collection of Lotus Bowls and Quan Yins.

It's nice to be able to display items properly rather then just storing them away.

The lotus flower represents purity, rebirth and prosperity.

This one is an Antique Chinese Blanc de Chine Dehua White Porcelain Lotus Leaf Flower Bowl with two birds.

These ones are later versions.

I've never seen one I didn't love!

 Whether ornate or simple.

I am considering painting the inside to really make them pop.

I would love any suggestions!


On second thought, is this better?

What to do about the inside?
Same Chinese Red Color?


liv said...

Great score on the prints...$8.00, wow!
My only observation is that if the cabinet is painted Chinese red and the prints are left there, it's a very linear strip of red, you would really need something spectacular to draw the eye up and it couldn't be the pagoda..that would be too much red. But that's only an uneducated suggestion, really, I know nothing! Nothing! Quan Yins on red descending (s-m-l)brackets on the side walls? Ok, I'm getting carried away. Your eye is unbeatable, Terri - you'll figure it out and it will be perfect!

And your Lotus Bowls are breathtaking, be still my heart.

Sarah said...

Your collection of lotis bowls is exquisite. I've never seen these, but will keep an eye for them now. I personally like the white figurs atop the cabinet, though the red pagoda draws the eye because of the newly found prints. The prints are gorgeous and a perfect compliment. I like the idea of painting the interior of the cabinet. Chinese red is good, but what about a shiny black laquer? I know what ever you decide, it will be perfection. You have equisite style and an eye for beauty.

Swede Collection said...

You always find great items. Wish I was back in Alameda. LOVE all your blanc de chine items. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE white anyway. Coral pieces look great where you placed them. Yes, I agree you should paint your brown secretary. I would paint it inside and out. Glad to see your post. Have missed seeing you online. Colleen

La Dolfina said...

Hi Liv!
See I have enough Quan Yins! The next finds will be coming your way for your magic touch my friend!
At this point The only thing I feel good about is the grouping of them on top. I am not 100% sure about the coral prints. I love your idea of brackets and am going to try a pair with antique green glazed parrots on either side so please stay tuned, I will need you to weigh in! If I find another lotus bowl I will nab it for you!!! XO

La Dolfina said...

Hi Sarah! How are you? I need to drop by for a visit!
Thank you for your feedback. Being the hard to please perfectionist that I am the only thing I am loving is the grouping of Quan Yins at the top. I am starting to doubt the coral prints.... Will keep tweaking and hope you will continue to offer your invaluable insights! Thanks so much for checking up on me:). XO

La Dolfina said...

Hi Colleen

You are brilliant! I agree and would love to paint the secretary inside and out but what colors. That question immobilizes me! Maybe I should scour Pinterest for inspiration! Thank you for visiting, I love it when you do! Please come visit Alameda, you can stay with me!!!! It has changed so much.... Our thrift stores are the best!!!XO

beyondbeige said...

Black might be too heavy. I like laquered chinese red. Love the white figures on top. Add more!

Jane said...

Love your new look! I like the cabinet wood grain, but I have black cabinets with glass doors. In them I have white figures and other white items. It looks smashing with the lights on. You can never go wrong with black!

I love the red pagoda on the top of your piece. It draws the eye up and looks great with your new steals on artwork!

Where did you find the white bowls? I love, love, love them! What a treasure!

Thanks for sharing your treasures!

Janie said...

I prefer the white figurines on the cabinet. Could you upholster cardboard that would fit in the back spaces of the cabinet with a moire or a check or Asian red and white print? Nothing really permanent. It's a nice piece. I wouldn't want to paint it unless you really don't care. Are there other colors in thr room? Celadon? Get some poster board. Paint it and see how it looks in the cabinet. Then, come to Scottsdale and do that for me in our family room bookcases!😄

La Dolfina said...

That is a great suggestion and one I tried about a year ago... The problem is that the cabinet needs to be lit up for any color to be seen and every single shelf is solid wood so I gave up:( I am thinking about switching out the coral prints for wall sconces with and a pair of antique green glazed parrots. I am never satisfied....forever tweaking! So sad that Ballard is discontinuing Suzanne Kassler's sconces!!

Sally Cote' said...

I love the coral prints but I don't love them on the toile paper. I think they compete and those images should not have to compete for the attention. The scale of the scenery in the wallpaper is quite similar to the coral. In addition to wall sconces, I think something like mirrors with an Asian influence or family pictures might work well so it either does not demand definite focus (mirrors), or family pictures which your eye would be definitely drawn to, would work well. I love the collection of lotus bowls inside and I am undecided about which piece I prefer on top. I like the jewelry box because it relates to the Chinese pieces on the inside and for its eye catching red color against the black and white but I like the "weight" of the white figures so I think either one works. Ask me tomorrow and I may feel differently. Sometimes I have to live with it before it becomes clear. I am sure you will make the right decision without any input from friends or readers because you have a great sense of style! I like the idea of painting the inside. If you put the red jewelry box on top then I would paint the inside a black lacquer. If you put the white figures on top I like red in the interior. Please post an update. I am amazed at the beautiful things you find while thrifting and at your knowledge about the beautiful pieces.

suzanne atkin said...

Darling girl, you are out there for everyone to see and I love you so don't freak out on me, but step back and think. Does this picture seem a little schizophrenic or what? I love Oriental style, I love French Country style and I love Coastal style. Each style having Bold elements that are so special that if you mix them up together like this I might have to seek counseling. ; ) Are you running out of rooms to decorate? Build a guest house, buy and decorate a rental property, but don't smash them all together like this. Really, darling look at it with new eyes. You have just smothered the French Country wall paper with not one bold style ( which says LOOK AT ME ), which would have been fine in moderation, but now you have two completely different styles competing for dominance in this space. My poor head is spinning. ( You asked me for my opinion.) What are you trying say to your readers? If I was going to write a book on what not to do in in inerior design this would be my cover. I still love your heart and daring and your love of each of these styles, but darling... Pick ONE! Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but sometimes we need a little jolt to make us think. And after all it is your house. You can do what you want. I just feel sorry for your lovely french wallpaper to have to be invaded by the chinese.

La Dolfina said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you so much for offering up your opinion, I really appreciate your take on it.
And I do agree with you on some level. I have definitely decided against the coral prints and am going to sell them. But... I have always loved Chinoiserie, which to me is a blend of French with a Chinese influence which is where the word Chinoiserie comes from so I personally do like the Toile mixed with Asian elements. Wait until you see what I found this weekend at the Alameda Point Flea Market. I can't wait to get them up and show it on the blog. You won't hurt my feelings if you don't like it though so please weigh in...
And you are right, I have run out of rooms to decorate hence always tweaking things :)
Thanks for your comment, and for keeping me on my toes!!!

suzanne atkin said...

We French love the ellegant perfection of the Chinese style. I love Chinoiserie. You will find accents of it in nearly every upscale home in France. As you may have heard we French are fiercely proud of our classic style, but do not want to be 'dominated' by the Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, or Sweedish, or English Styles. I suppose it comes from being conqured so many times over the years. : ) Of course, when you are decorating with things you love your not thinking about the history of France. On a lighter note...I personally have a wonderful 18th century Chinese partner desk heavily carved with daffodils and hummingbirds with coi fish for legs in the library, but like you I love the ocean and it has heavily influenced my decor in the family room overlooking the rock water fall which flows into the grotto style pool. I need to be near the water. I live in Arizona where I love the dry weather and mild winters, but it is not my first choice which is California. You're a lucky gal to live there. I'm so glad I found your blog. You are so artistic and like me you are always reinventing your rooms. That's what drew me to your blog.
In 1968, when I was 19, I hitch-hiked from Kansas to Huntington Beach in 6 days. I fell madly in love with the ocean. It has never left me. I am eager to see what you have for us from the Alameda Point Flea Market, Dolfina. My husband was in the Navy in 1970 so we lived in Almeda where his ship the USS Oriskany CVA 34 was in dry dock. We lived only 5 blocks from the beach in an old Victorian with ginger bread trim and floor to ceiling bay windows in every room. Dreamy! Those were the days. I'll be watching, dear girl. Thanks for your open heart.


La Dolfina said...

Oh Suzanna... that is so cool that you once lived here in my hometown of Alameda!
It is still the sweet town you remember so fondly but it has changed with the times as much as a little island city can anyway. I sure hope you have the opportunity to return again one day. I would love to meet you and take you down memory lane :) I am so honored that you relate to me and my blog and am grateful to have kind followers like yourself that take the time to comment and let me know you are there and care :)
Love hearing a bit about your lovely abode in Arizona, it sounds wonderful!
I look forward to chatting with you in my next post!!!!

Vickie H. said...

Can't WAIT to see what you unearthed at the flea market! And what you finally decide about this cabinet, etc. I will happily take that pagoda jewelry box off your hands, my dear!! Good luck!!!

Kathysue said...

I have watched you for years and you know when it is not right and that is why you keep tweaking it. I of course think of your black cabinet that resides in your family room. I remember gasping when I saw it. Just a thought, would that look better in here with the over all design you are leaning towards and the white lotus bowls with a bright kelly green background would be stunning, but of course that is one of my favorite combinations. I would keep all the figurines, bowls etc. white and let the color be minimal so it is a fun Ta-da!! If you don't bring in the black cabinet, maybe paint this one black, easy for me to say!! I am not doing the work or paying for it to be done. I know you will find your perfect combination.

Anonymous said...

Paper don't paint. That way you can change it out as your decor evolves. Love the bowls, simply lovely.