Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Indigo Blues

Funny thing but I was feeling a bit blue today...

And then

I received an email from a blog reader asking if I was blogging anymore.

And you know what?

I perked right up!

And told her that I had actually been missing blogging.

And she was just the impetus I needed to start up again!

Thank you Debbie for making me feel like my blog matters :)

I guess I lost my mojo for a while but have realized that my blog definitely matters to me and it was such a gift to hear from a reader that we were missed!

So, this post is for you Miss Debbie!

It's a compilation of what I'm focusing on at the moment.

I've been wanting to give our family room a punch of pattern which started me digging around my stash of indigo textiles that I've been collecting over the last couple of years.

I didn't realize I had such a great assortment until I pulled them out and spread them around.

I picked up this ikat pillow while on vacation in The Hamptons last June at the most fabulous estate sale.

A perfect jumping off point for all the other ethnic indigo textiles I had packed away.

I recently bought Anna Spiro's book, Absolutely Beautiful Things, which provided me with some fabulous inspiration.

I'm fascinated how the Chinese Blue and White Porcelain pops amidst these vintage textiles.

Also loving the mix of shells, coral, Chinoiserie, beach, baskets, sea life, batik, ikat, rattan, seagrass, oyster shells, flow blue, willow ware, ginger jars, sea fans, octopus, basically everything I love!

Which just goes to show you that if you love it, it will love you back :)

And get along with the other things that make your heart skip a beat and bring a smile to your face.

My mom gave me this beauty several years ago and loves seeing it in our home.

Inside my Cabinet of Curiosity

One of my favorite finds! 
 A beautiful scarf that might become a pillow.

Loving azaleas right now, while waiting on my favorite flowers... PEONIES to show up at Trader Joes

I have amassed a large collection of these as I have a policy of no shells left behind!

Recently bought this collection of antique flow blue plates complete with hairline cracks and chips for a song.

 I guess I'm back.... it feels good :)

I've missed you all!


Unknown said...

We've missed you, too! Your blog does matter, thank you for coming back!

Donnamae said...

So good to see you this morning in my email ! Welcome back! Loved this favorite color! ;)

La Dolfina said...

Aw, thank you so much for the love:)

Speechless said...

Welcome back, Terri! I can feel your refreshed enthusiasm for blogging. Blog on! xo

La Dolfina said...

You are right, I am enthused! Thank you:) I worked on several posts yesterday!!!

Karena said...

Dear Terri, I have missed you so much! What an incredible post to come back with. Adore all of this indigo and white, the incredible textiles and ceramics! Come visit soon!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee

La Dolfina said...

On my way Karena! Gosh how I have missed all this blog love:) I didn't realize how much it added to my life!!! XO

Kathysue said...

Hi Terri! So glad to see you in my inbox this morning!! I always love your post about treasure hunting and how you use elements in your home. YOU are a creative soul and we miss your blog as one of your creative outlets! Blogging has changed so much and there is not the connection that there once was and I miss that connection with others. Glad to see you back!!! xo Kathysue

La Dolfina said...

Oh dear Kathysue, thank you!
I didn't realize how much i would miss the connection and love I have found in blog land. My heart is full this morning hearing from the kindred spirits I have found through La Dolfina. I am sure I have missed them more than they have missed me!
Love you dear friend!!!! Your new home looks amazing and you and your sweet hubby look so darn happy in it!

Eddie Ross said...

We hear you about staying motivated, but seeing old friend like you reminds us why we started in the first place! Wish we could all go thrifting together soon! That brass bamboo set is still a favorite of ours. Palm Springs, anyone?

Eddie + Jaithan

La Dolfina said...

Hey guys!!!
You are finally realizing the dream I dreamt for you about doing over your own dream home! I am so thrilled for you and everyone who gets to follow along with you! Miss you and will always treasure our times together! If things ever slow down you know where you can come to chill:) love you guys

Gina said...

We have missed you Terri. So glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are into blogging again! I've always loved your blogs. So informative and tasteful. Thanks for todays on indigo. My girlfriends and I have decided that indigo (navy blue to us non-designers) is a very flattering color.

La Dolfina said...

Aw, thank you Gina:)
It feels great to be welcomed back!

La Dolfina said...

Gosh, thank you for your sweet words:)
I agree with you and your girlfriends, it is a universally pleasing color. It always seems right!

Nancy said...

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see you in my blog feed!!!! You have been missed my friend! I've been wondering where you were :) And i have to say that there is not one picture in this post that doesnt make my heart sing. I love me some blue and white and I am drooling over your collection. {{{{HUGS}}}}

sheilaa131 said...

Love your blue collection...

Anonymous said...

Glad you are tired of the hanger trick!

La Dolfina said...

;) Thank you for not giving up on me!
It is good to be back....

La Dolfina said...

Thank you Sheilaa!!!

La Dolfina said...

Thanks for the love Miss Nancy!
Huggs to you too!
The Blue and White at Round Top was amazing! One day I would love to join you and your tribe of treasure hunter and gatherers!!! XO

Mary Ann Pickett said...

YAY!!! Been thinking about you...the Alameda flea market today. Lets mark our calendars for next month??? With Cindy Hattersley.

Or hey how about sooner! do you want to come over for lunch some day this week except Friday? Indigo is creeping into my pale blue gray and white living room.