Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life Lessons

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to see imbalances in your life.

The key to getting anything you want is patience, timing, and trust.

The things we cling to out of fear prevent us from growing.

When you can allow yourself to be where are instead of where you think you should be - or even where you want to be - freedom prevails.

What you are experiencing is part of a bigger life plan.

When you stop focusing on the problem, the problem tends to go away.

Feeling like you don't have a choice is a choice.

The results we strive for aren't as valuable as the experiences along the way.

We may not always get what we want, but it will always be what we need.

One small step at a time consistently creates monumental results.

What is meant to be will always find a way.

What we resist in life will always persist.

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean either of you are wrong. Contrast brings clarity and compassion.

You can't compare yourself to others and be happy at the same time.

Confidence comes through action. The more action steps we take, the more confident we will be.

Things don't happen to you, they happen for you.

All rejection is protection. It's always this or something better.

There is timing to everything. If you are pushing and working hard and it isn't flowing, it isn't the right time.

Nothing is ever wasted. Everything you've done has put you closer to where you want to be (whether you know it or not).

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to anything. And there is no magic bullet.

Your heart knows the way. Trust it.

Your passion will lead you to your purpose.

Your dreams are the invisible architecture of your life. They matter.

Most of the time, the thing you're looking for comes to you when you stop looking.

It's not selfish to follow your heart - it's an act of respect and appreciation.

Gratitude brings abundance.

You always get what you focus on.

Most of the time we create our own suffering through expectations.

Insight is worthless unless you take action.

You always have enough time, money, and energy for what is truly most important to you.

Nature heals.

Joy is the best barometer for success. The more joy you feel, the more successful you are.

It's ok to not know the answers. We learn the way on the way.

How you do anything is how you do everything. All parts of your life are connected.

Deep down you already know the truth.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Indigo Blues

Funny thing but I was feeling a bit blue today...

And then

I received an email from a blog reader asking if I was blogging anymore.

And you know what?

I perked right up!

And told her that I had actually been missing blogging.

And she was just the impetus I needed to start up again!

Thank you Debbie for making me feel like my blog matters :)

I guess I lost my mojo for a while but have realized that my blog definitely matters to me and it was such a gift to hear from a reader that we were missed!

So, this post is for you Miss Debbie!

It's a compilation of what I'm focusing on at the moment.

I've been wanting to give our family room a punch of pattern which started me digging around my stash of indigo textiles that I've been collecting over the last couple of years.

I didn't realize I had such a great assortment until I pulled them out and spread them around.

I picked up this ikat pillow while on vacation in The Hamptons last June at the most fabulous estate sale.

A perfect jumping off point for all the other ethnic indigo textiles I had packed away.

I recently bought Anna Spiro's book, Absolutely Beautiful Things, which provided me with some fabulous inspiration.

I'm fascinated how the Chinese Blue and White Porcelain pops amidst these vintage textiles.

Also loving the mix of shells, coral, Chinoiserie, beach, baskets, sea life, batik, ikat, rattan, seagrass, oyster shells, flow blue, willow ware, ginger jars, sea fans, octopus, basically everything I love!

Which just goes to show you that if you love it, it will love you back :)

And get along with the other things that make your heart skip a beat and bring a smile to your face.

My mom gave me this beauty several years ago and loves seeing it in our home.

Inside my Cabinet of Curiosity

One of my favorite finds! 
 A beautiful scarf that might become a pillow.

Loving azaleas right now, while waiting on my favorite flowers... PEONIES to show up at Trader Joes

I have amassed a large collection of these as I have a policy of no shells left behind!

Recently bought this collection of antique flow blue plates complete with hairline cracks and chips for a song.

 I guess I'm back.... it feels good :)

I've missed you all!