Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Fisherman's Cottage in The Hamptons

We rented the most adorable Fisherman's Cottage  in East Hampton. 

We found it on airbnb of course!

It was in a neighborhood known as "The Springs" and is owned by a young couple who live in Brooklyn.

The listing revealed that the husband worked for Ralph Lauren.

We found out later from the shop girls at the Southampton RL store that he actually grew up in the area and has worked for Ralph Lauren since he was 16 years old!

Suffice it to say it was like staying in a Ralph Lauren store!

We loved the laid back neighborhood and its amenities...  walking distance to the beach and harbor, quaint neighborhood restaurants, and the fantastic Round Swamp Farm. 

One of our favorite features though was the outdoor shower which we were highly encouraged to take advantage of!

I knew I would love it from the photos and upon entering I felt immediately at home.

There were many familiar treasures throughout like the mounted sailfish that resides in our mancave.

First thing my hubby checked out was the kitchen which got his stamp of approval.

You walk into the open living area with adjoining kitchen and access to the back yard and shower. 

This is the master bedroom with antique blueprints covering the back wall.

Such a fabulous idea!

There were amazing vintage blankets, pillows and textiles everywhere!

This is looking into the second bedroom a short distance down the hall.

See what I mean?

A collector after my own heart!

The bathroom where the shower never got used!

The view looking down the hallway towards the 2 bedrooms and bath.

Across from our bedroom was a french door leading down a flight of stairs to the lower level where there was a family room, a third bedroom, bathroom and basement.

Lower level family or sitting room loaded with vintage curiousities.

The door to the basement.

The library

Reading Nook

3rd Bedroom


Cool bathroom decor!

A peek into the basement...

where extra treasures reside.

And are artfully arranged!

A surplus of fabulous vintage blankets for those snowy Hamptons winters.

Oh and lest I forget...

that amazing outdoor shower!

Absolute Heaven!!!

I think every home should have one!