Friday, April 24, 2015

Me and Celerie

One day I received an email inquiry about a vintage wicker birdcage I had for sale.

The person inquiring about it signed off in an unusual manner.

Simply Xo c

It turned out to be the fabulous Celerie Kemble!

We all know that the world has become much more intimate and connecting with each other much more organic.

Well that inquiry led me into finding her a number of items and accessories for her Tropical Retreat in the Dominican Republic!

 Let's just say it was quite an adventure and a dream come true for me.

Finding rare and unusual things is my forte and selling them to designers is my ultimate goal.

Well that came to fruition with the publication of Celerie's Dominican Republic Retreat  in Architectural Digest this month!

This particular piece found its way front and center in one of her fabulous vignettes!

It's pretty cool to see some of your beloved treasures make it all the way to paradise in The Dominican Republic and onto the pages of Architectural Digest!!!

Here is my wicker piece used as a divider/nightstand between twin beds.

And here is my vintage metal boat in the children's quarters.

She loved all the mid century curly wicker pieces I sent her!

I spy it to the right of the sofa!

Congrats Celerie!
It was a blast working with you!
And if you haven't seen this exclusive spread of Celerie Kemble's Playa Grande on Sketch 42 then head over there now!

It's a great escape and perfect to get you in the mood for the weekend!


Nancy said...

Stop it! I. am. dying. that story is beyond cool, both because its Celerie Kemble and all the treasures you scored! those pictures are breathtaking.

Karena said...

Terri, I am so very impressed! You really found her some amazing and very unique pieces!! You go girl! I have always said what a great eye you have for these special finds!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Brad Oliphant

Kathysue said...

To say I am happy for you is an understatement! Congratulations Terri! Onward and Upward for you!

cindy hattersley design said...

Hooray for you Teri! You have such a knack for finding treasures!

Theresa Cheek said...

How exciting! The whole world is just a click away with the internet.

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A Perfect Gray said...

wow. just wow.

so tickled for you, terri!


Dean Farris said...

Exciting too!

designchic said...

That is amazing, Teri!! So excited for you and for her getting all of your treasures. Her Dominican Republic home is amazing!!

Karena said...

Teresa I wanted to come back over to invite you to enter an amazing giveaway for a hand painted tole lamp on my site!!

The Arts by Karena
Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, what a fabulous story!!! I love Celerie Kemble, and this project is one of my favorites! Congratulations! You have an amazing eye!!

The Glam Pad

~ Molly ~ said...


A job well done! To see the fruits of your labor featured in Architectural Digest is a wonderful accomplishment.

~ Molly ~

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You have such a good eye for the unique! Celerie is smart to hire you!

La Contessa said...


Taylor Greenwalt said...

That is so exciting..I love her creative style!

Kathleen said...

I 'm late to the party. I guess this means if you were able to find these gems YOU'RE living in a pretty amazing place.