Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Enjoy the Moment!

That is what I tend to do this time of year!

I seem to be especially "present" in Spring.

I think it is because everything is so pristine, fresh and new that it demands my attention.

I am completely drawn into the newness of life that is springing forth in my garden.

This year, it is beckoning with the promise of its best show yet! 

I am acutely aware of the water crisis that California faces and don't know what the future holds.

And so it is with a heightened sense of gratitude that I witness... 

the unfolding grandeur that is happening outside my windows.

Happy Spring!


Karena said...

Hi Terri,
Your terrace and outdoor entertaining area is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and Enjoy!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Nathaniel Galka

Woodside Park said...

Looks so fresh, green and gorgeous!! Spring is indeed a glorious season. Cheers

designchic said...

It looks so beautiful at your house - love your boxwoods and the backyard is fabulous!

Kathysue said...

Terri, I think your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous. Perfecion.

Beach House Living said...

Everything looks so crisp and tailored. Beautiful!

French said...

The garden looks perfect and serene~ love the boxwood~