Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stylish Jewelry Storage

When I'm out treasure hunting I always keep my eye out for beautiful and unusual ways to store my jewelry and accessories.

When I found this vintage Asian brush holder it was only a matter of time before several of my favorite necklaces joined in.

I can never resist the vintage lovlies like this one in blue velvet for displaying bracelets.

A dear friend spied this beauty while we were at "his" flea market and bought it for my birthday instructing me to hang my rings on it.

Pretty brilliant huh?

I have a weakness for boxes, especially ones in natural stone.

Oftentimes I'll place a favorite brooch on top for decoration.

I simply adore this duo!

They make a great catchall for small earrings and rings with their shell bodies.

I frequently drape misc. bracelets and hoop earrings around their long necks.

One can never have too many lacquered or gilded trays on hand for corralling watches and other favorite pieces.

It is fun to think outside the box when it comes to storing your jewelry!