Monday, September 22, 2014


I just had to share this amazing product, 

Lavender Scented Epsom Salt.

I picked up a couple of bags at The Dollar Store.

I emptied them into a vintage brown transferware bowl 

and added a large silver scalloped shell spoon to scoop the glistening crystals into my bath water.

What I didn't expect was the incredibly intoxicating scent that filled my bathroom every time I entered!

 Gotta love The Dollar Store!
Need to go back and stock up!!


Kathysue said...

I have to get some of these, I love the smell of lavender. Thanks for sharing your great find!!

Bmore Bungalow said...

Great dollar store finds always make my day. Love your storage dish.

Kathleen said...

Oh, thank you so much for the tip!! The Dollar Store is really out of my way but I'll definelty stop by. Love your bowl also the bamboo shelf. I have several antique bamboo shelves!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I want some!!! I miss you!

Karena said...

Terri, this is amazing because my fabulous DIL, Robin just brought over a bag of, yes, lavender scented epsom salts. As soon as the surgeon releases me from "showers only", the lovely epson bath is the first thing I am doing!

The Arts by Karena

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

That is a find at the Dollar Store. I use this product and love it. When I have a massage, my Masseuse recommends a bath using Epson Salt, with a caution that one showers and rinses following an Epson bath.
I love how you have arranged the salts in your bathroom with such style.

La Dolfina said...

Thank you Helen for the compliment and the suggestion to shower if off after a bath! Something I will definitely do from now on!

La Dolfina said...

Hi Karena,
Have you opened it up and smelled it yet? It is heavenly. I suggested my friend set a bowl on her nightstand to help her sleep. My hubby absolutely loves the way the bathroom smells. We feel like we are in a spa!
Think, "Shavasana"


La Dolfina said...

Hi Miss Mary Ann,

Let's go get some together... I miss you too!!!

La Dolfina said...

Bmore Bungalow
I love your blog!!!!

Thanks for your visit :)

La Dolfina said...


Thanks for stopping by and I promise you that a trip to your Dollar Store will be totally worth it :)
You might want to call first though to see if they have it... you never know!

La Dolfina said...

And finally... Kathysue, I love you!