Thursday, September 4, 2014

Celebrating The Official End of Summer


 My brother and his wife have been marking the Official End of Summer  every Labor Day Weekend with a Summer Slam Ping Pong Tournament.

 For those of us who live in the Bay Area our true (Indian) summer weather is just beginning!
 Even though the kids are back in school and most of the country is gearing up for Fall we are just hitting our summer stride!

The trophies await in the dining room.

The kitchen is the hub of their home.

It's always the place where everyone hangs out.

It's so cozy and leads right out to their yard.

This year I planned ahead and arrived a bit early to take some photos to share with you before the party got started!

My hubby taking advantage of our early arrival!

My brother Stephen and his daughter Sarah who left just yesterday for a semester in London.

 They really know how to throw a good party!

 They have an interesting property with 2 guest cottages. They rent one and keep the other open for visiting children and guests. They are in the process of updating it so they can put it on airbnb as well.

 They recently tore down one of the fences which has really opened up the space.

They set up 2 ping pong tables in different areas of their yard and after all the teams sign up they draw names and fill in the tournament bracket.

 I love how they create  cozy lounge areas and cheering sections all about.

This is their cat, Heidi. Some of you might remember her from the mysterious T-shirt incident!

 A little pre-practice never hurt anyone :)

 One of the cheering sections.

And here is the Shot-Ski,

which marks the beginning of every match.

My brother explaining the rules to a couple newbies.

Followed by a demonstration.

Meanwhile back inside it looks like the crowd is growing...

 Let me give you a quickie tour of the rest of their charming home.

It is actually quite small but packs a mighty punch!

I think they've done a wonderful job making this house a home and believe it or not it is often the place everybody wants to be during the holidays!

It may be small on space but it's big on comfort and coziness!

My sister in law, Wendy, loves flowers and always has gorgeous arrangements around the house.

Just look how healthy her fiddle leaf fig tree is!!!

I, on the other hand have had 2 bite the dust!

They added stone and a new mantle to makeover the fireplace a few years ago. It is now a beautiful focal point.

Can you tell how much someone loves their new toy?

This is Sarah's Room/Guest Room

The Master Bedroom

Guest Bath


 And finally a shot of the guest cottage in progress.

So tell me, who do you think won The Summer Slam Tournament?


Karena said...

Such a warm and inviting home. I also noticed how gorgeous the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is.

I don't know Terri, it looks like you have a lot of pros playing!

The Arts by Karena

Sarah said...

Lovely home, and what a fun tradition. Thanks for sharing the party.

La Dolfina said...

Thank Sarah and Karena!
You are both so sweet to leave me comments. I love showing off my friends and family member's homes!