Thursday, August 28, 2014

What do you call New York?

New York City is frequently shortened to simply
"New York, "NY", or "NYC.

It is also known as "The City" but did you know it is also called, "The City with Everything", "The City that Never Sleeps", "The Big Apple", "Gotham", "New York New York", "The Center of the Universe",  "The Capital of The World", "The Empire City",  "Metropolis", "The Five Boroughs", "Gomorrah", "New Amsterdam", The City so Nice They Named it Twice", "The Melting Pot", and "Hong Kong on The Hudson."

Here is a tour of whatever you call the one and only New York City, seen through my lens...

We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Chelsea and spent our first day strolling past the classic walk-ups Chelsea is known for.

I noticed this gorgeous shell motif wrought iron fencing all over Chelsea.

But I couldn't help wondering where the poor dogs were supposed to do their business?

I was amazed at how so many of the charming walk-ups created delightful little gardens in such limited spaces.

We made a pit stop at Cafe Grumpy for a cold brew which was the shot in the arm we needed to keep going in the hot July heat.

We strolled the gorgeous High Line which terminated at The Chelsea Market.

I caught these 2 in Lobster Heaven.

Time to refuel.

Selecting some wine for the room. My hubby's favorite chore!

Doling out samples to entice a reservation at this classic Italian Eatery.

I was surprised to see that the Major League Baseball offices were located in Chelsea Market.

 At least it appeared that way.

Next up... 
West Village where Chris showed us an apartment he was considering.

We couldn't go inside but I loved the quaint location next door to a charming vegan restaurant, "dank" coffee shop and across the street from a beautiful park.

Look at those expressions!
Time to go?

The next day we meet up with a broker who took us to look at a  building in the Financial District.

They initially wanted to live in Chelsea or the West Village but it was going to take a big bite out of their budget so their broker encouraged them to check out a converted bank building at 45 Wall Street.

It made quite an impression on us all!

I snapped a few photos of one of the apartments before I was told that was not allowed.

Bring on the amenities!!!

Starting with the rooftop lounge,

one of three state of art gyms,

and but of course,

a stunning rooftop deck!

Complete with bathing beauty right on cue!

As a parent I love the security of a doorman and in- house dry cleaners. Plus I found out from Chris's roommate Martin's father that Wall Street is now one of the most secure streets in Manhattan since 911. It is permanently closed off from traffic.

I can't wait to show you their apartment in a future post!

We lunched at The Pavilion in Union Square,

and then took the subway to Grand Central Station where Chris wanted to show us the Midtown location/building where he interned last summer.

He worked at UBS last summer which was literally just outside Grand Central on Park Ave.

I remember him sending me photos of the view down Park Avenue from his cubicle which blew me away!

UBS has since moved buildings and is now near Rockefeller Center.

That's where my boy will be for at least the next 2 years!

It's all so exciting!!!

And Voila!


In all its Splendor!

One day we took in Soho and its environs starting with lunch at a cute little Italian Bistro named Cafe Fiat.

My foodie husband declared it our best meal of the trip!

I had to agree with him and judging by the number of trips the delivery bike made! I think we stumbled on a local favorite!

After our delicious lunch we wandered the streets of Soho where I snapped away at the sights that caught my eye...

Fern Fabulousness!


It happened to be Bastille Day and Armour Lux was having a sale!

The following 3 photos are my favorites!

Another favorite!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our summer sojourn in The Big City :)