Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect!

Sorry I've been absent from my blog the last few weeks... I've been getting my feet wet with Instagram and although I'm really liking it, I must confess that I do miss my friends here in blogland!

And so,
 I'm back with yet another rendition of my black & white toile room otherwise known as our den/office.

I think I may have finally gotten it right!

It's been through several transitions over the last few years, especially since I started selling treasures in my Etsy Shop and Shop La Dolfina.

I've been constantly tweaking things in order to make selling my wares more streamlined and efficient!

I have to admit there has been more than one occasion where something has sold and I've been unable to locate it.

Having enough space to lay things out, photograph, measure, list, pack and ship is essential.

I have to let my matching toile sofa go in order to accommodate a large glass table. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, let me know!

The catalyst for the recent changes was this awesome desk/secretary with loads of storage potential I picked up last week!

I already had the 3 French cane chairs which I plan to reupholster in this black Alpaca wool I purchased at The White Elephant Sale a few years ago as well as a new skirt for my desk front.

I like the way it tones down the busy toile pattern on the walls and mirrored bookshelves. 

I also picked up several rolls of this cool vintage wallpaper and put some under the glass on my desktop which really made it pop. I'm loving it! I actually feel more energized!

And so without further ado...

My new and improved office!

So... what do you think?


kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Teri, So beautiful!!! I'm in love with this room and all your gorgeous pieces. It shows if you find things you love, you can really make them all work together. Adore the secretary, your shell chairs, and the fabulous bookcase! Also digging that built-in desk. The glass table is genius as your room still seems so open! This is beautiful and I am aspiring to have something similar one day! Missed your blog and catching up. xx Kim

Karena said...

Terri I think it is fabulous!! YOur special furnishings are all integrated into a beautifully chic design!

The Arts by Karena

Leslie said...

Hi Teri,

It's beautiful and I love the toile! Yes, instagram and work on your store must keep you busy and there is always room to tweak:) xxleslie

Kathysue said...

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!! Anything you do is always done to perfection and I love that you stay true to YOU!!
xo Kathysue

La Petite Gallery said...

Really good looking items. Boxes are
great I collect them, always have a use for them. yvonne

Unknown said...

What a lovely and unique room! Very well done!

Kathleen said...

I love your room. How lucky to have this space. It's a real juggling act keeping my etsy shop organized. I'm continually coming up with a different storing plan.

Andrea said...

Your office is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I am in love with the black and white toile, the Chinoiserie accents (how amazing is that phone?!), the shell back chairs, and are those mirrored book cases? Pure perfection!

The Glam Pad

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So beautiful, stylish and unique. Love it!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous honor! Thank you so much. I loved reading through these quotes and starting my day with a big bouquet of inspiration. You're delightful! Interior Design Idea