Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect!

Sorry I've been absent from my blog the last few weeks... I've been getting my feet wet with Instagram and although I'm really liking it, I must confess that I do miss my friends here in blogland!

And so,
 I'm back with yet another rendition of my black & white toile room otherwise known as our den/office.

I think I may have finally gotten it right!

It's been through several transitions over the last few years, especially since I started selling treasures in my Etsy Shop and Shop La Dolfina.

I've been constantly tweaking things in order to make selling my wares more streamlined and efficient!

I have to admit there has been more than one occasion where something has sold and I've been unable to locate it.

Having enough space to lay things out, photograph, measure, list, pack and ship is essential.

I have to let my matching toile sofa go in order to accommodate a large glass table. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, let me know!

The catalyst for the recent changes was this awesome desk/secretary with loads of storage potential I picked up last week!

I already had the 3 French cane chairs which I plan to reupholster in this black Alpaca wool I purchased at The White Elephant Sale a few years ago as well as a new skirt for my desk front.

I like the way it tones down the busy toile pattern on the walls and mirrored bookshelves. 

I also picked up several rolls of this cool vintage wallpaper and put some under the glass on my desktop which really made it pop. I'm loving it! I actually feel more energized!

And so without further ado...

My new and improved office!

So... what do you think?

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Beautiful Way to Share Your World


I've been thinking that it's time to embrace Instagram in addition to blogging.

My first love will always be my blog but even before I lost the photos from my posts over the last several years I had begun to blog less frequently.

It takes a bit of time to craft a pleasing and informative post especially for a perfectionist Virgo like myself and I can't help but notice that many other bloggers have begun to post less often as well.

 It seems like good timing to channel my creative energy via a different medium and Instagram seems to fit the bill nicely.

What I like about it most is its immediacy in that it allows me to capture something and share it in real time which is exciting to me.
(I just Instagrammed this little vignette I scored this week)

It meshes perfectly with my passion for the thrill of the hunt allowing me to share and sell things as I find them!

Yes, it's time to shake things up a bit!

I hope you'll follow along with me on Instagram.

The Best is Yet to Come! 

I won't be abandoning my blog by any means, as I know that some people would rather read blogs than follow along on Instagram.

ig: @ladolfina

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A New Day

Got this in my inbox this morning.
There is nothing like receiving messages from the Universe!

Lately I've been obsessed with both my front and back gardens and can't wait to show you the tweaks I've been making in both.

 (This structure was painted a custom color by the homeowner)

But before I take some snaps and show you around I wanted to share an amazing product I came across last week.

 (This is the pre-stained French Gray color that all their products come in.)

It's called Yardistry and I found it on Pinterest, where else!

It's not only beautiful and affordable, it's easy to install.

Everything comes pre-stained in a gorgeous French Gray color and is fully customizable with their Click & Lock technology.

I purchased this garden trellis for the side of our home to camouflage several utility boxes and meters as well as add some height and interest to an otherwise ugly bare wall.

It was an unbelievable $141.00 with Free Shipping!

You have to check out this amazing new product!

to go to their site and watch the video where you're only limited by your own imagination!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Looks like there is no going back

Thank you for the love, support and understanding you have shown me during this difficult time.


 It means so much that you can relate to what has happened. 

Your kind comments are like a salve that helps to heal this wound.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to console me.

My son has written a short synopsis of what exactly happened to La Dolfina.

 Hopefully it will shed some light as well as stop the same thing from happening to any of you.

For now I am contemplating my next step as I move forward with my blog and other endeavors.

I love blogging and La Dolfina is a big part of who I've become. 

 I do not want to lose the relationships and connections I have made here in blogland with so many of you... so I will keep calm and carry on in hopes that you will continue to visit and read me.


Today I display one of the greatest powers a person can demonstrate - the power of choice.  Circumstances may sometimes appear bleak, but nothing and no one can keep God's good from me.  I choose faith instead of doubt.  I choose peace instead of worry.  I choose clarity over confusion.

As I maintain a hopeful and positive attitude, I attract all the resources I need to overcome any challenge or reach any goal.  Nothing can disturb my peace; nothing can weaken my faith.

When facing difficulties, I take a moment to put the situation in perspective.  I consciously choose a hopeful and positive attitude, which buoys my spirit and lifts my mind above any worry or concern.


1.  Photos uploaded to blogger are uploaded and stored on Google+
2.  If you delete your photos from Google+, they are permanently deleted once they are emptied from the Google+ Trash Bin.
3.  Google makes no attempt to warn you that the Blogger and Google+ systems are inextricably linked, and that when you delete something on Google+ it is forever deleted from Blogger.
4.  In an effort to clear storage space (150% over capacity), my son deleted what seemed to be backup photos on Google+.
5.  Now 90% of photos on my blog are gone, and there is no way to get them back.

***in order to safeguard against this happening to you, create an archive at

Takeout is a service that "saves the state" of your blog at any one point in time, and lets you download the data backup.

Takeout can also be used for other google products.