Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Fever

Spring is bursting forth in the Bay Area and I've got a bad case of Spring Fever!

Spring is my favorite season and I've got all kinds of new projects rolling around in my brain.

I've been tweaking things in my backyard and have been playing around with some ideas in the front yard as well.

But at the moment I've been obsessing over ferns!

Ever since I caught the end of My Fair Lady a few weeks ago channel surfing, I found myself transfixed on the scenes that took place in Professor Higgins mother's house, especially those in her solarium.

  I was inspired to bring that garden like feeling inside our home.

So I lavished some ferns on the mantle 

as well as the hearth.

I found some interesting white flowering succulent plants at TJ's and placed them in a ceramic planter I scored at a church rummage sale over the weekend.

And now it feels like Spring inside as well outside my windows!

 Up for grabs...

A set of 2,

Fern quiche dishes perfect for your next garden party!


Email me to purchase


Leslie said...

This morning I awoke to more rain and wind. The ground is so muddy we are ways out from spring .. Seattle grey lasts way too long! Your ferns are so pretty and I love the green indoors and on the mantle. The up-side of all the rain here is the lush environment. Ferns are happy here and grow wild everywhere:) enjoy your day! xxleslie