Thursday, March 20, 2014

All in a days work...

Admittedly, a very good day!

Gorgeous Old Hickory Leather Chesterfield in a luscious merlot color.

Very large and wonderful antique thread cabinet from the turn of the century.

Some days are just better than others :)

What have you turned up lately?


Sarah said...

A fabulous bamboo stand turned up on my front porch today! It's a great piece, Terri. I'm thrilled to have it. Thanks!
Loving the Chesterfield. '-)

Splenderosa said...

I LOVE that sofa, T.
Absolutely beautiful.
Are you selling this piece?
big hug...

Karena said...

My mouth dropped as soon as I saw this Hickory piece! You have an angel on your shoulder Terri!

The Arts by Karena

La Dolfina said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for letting me know!
I am so happy you love it!!
Enjoy and send pics on how you style it!
Thanks again!!
Best ,