Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inspiration for a Lush Spring Landscape

I’ve recently posted a blog about spring and how I’ve been looking at different plants to incorporate into my front and back yards. I’ve been looking up landscaping inspirations and thought I would share some with all of you!

The simplicity of this backyard reminds me of my own – clean and requires low maintenance. I love that some greenery was added around the perimeter of the space giving it a breath of fresh air.

With the sun shining in so bright, this yard would be a perfect place to lounge all summer.

This backyard space is so grand! The multiple tiers of grass combined with the gravel is a great combination and has the charm of the English Countryside.

So luscious and green! The bigger rocks and stones make this yard simple, yet modern.

The colors and mix of flowers screams spring! This front yard is so inviting and likely making all the neighbours envious.

This front yard has a more traditional landscaping. It combines plants, grass and a concrete pathway. The landscape design is lovely and a definite attention grabber.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

All in a days work...

Admittedly, a very good day!

Gorgeous Old Hickory Leather Chesterfield in a luscious merlot color.

Very large and wonderful antique thread cabinet from the turn of the century.

Some days are just better than others :)

What have you turned up lately?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Fever

Spring is bursting forth in the Bay Area and I've got a bad case of Spring Fever!

Spring is my favorite season and I've got all kinds of new projects rolling around in my brain.

I've been tweaking things in my backyard and have been playing around with some ideas in the front yard as well.

But at the moment I've been obsessing over ferns!

Ever since I caught the end of My Fair Lady a few weeks ago channel surfing, I found myself transfixed on the scenes that took place in Professor Higgins mother's house, especially those in her solarium.

  I was inspired to bring that garden like feeling inside our home.

So I lavished some ferns on the mantle 

as well as the hearth.

I found some interesting white flowering succulent plants at TJ's and placed them in a ceramic planter I scored at a church rummage sale over the weekend.

And now it feels like Spring inside as well outside my windows!

 Up for grabs...

A set of 2,

Fern quiche dishes perfect for your next garden party!


Email me to purchase

Sunday, March 2, 2014

They Find Me!

Ok, I admit to frequently stopping by my favorite haunts and an occasional estate sale or two.

It is definitely an addiction.

One that I am constantly trying to manage. 

I sell many of my finds on Etsy and have recently established myself as a vendor for a well known decorator yet even with a full "prop shop" of treasure hunting bounty, I still find it hard to resist the urge we all know as, "the thrill of the hunt."

My hubby often warns me, "please don't go out hunting because you know you will find something!"

But, I swear...


 Yesterday, we arrived late to an estate sale and took our place in line watching the early birds leave with the best loot.

Yet a few lovelies were still left to discover.

I found this basket and set of 4 mottled Ironstone leaf dishes by Wedgwood.

Vintage DANSK

A sweet gold gilt bird box

 Perfect for holding a favorite pair of earrings.

And looks right at home among the other treasures on my dresser.

And last but not least...

My favorite find!

I can't stop staring at it!

The first thing that came to my head was to hold mail or stationary on my desk.

  An orchid arrangement would be elegant too!

I'm wondering though if anyone knows what it is other than beautiful!

 A lot of the time just getting to see the incredible neighborhoods and homes are the best finds of all!

 It didn't take but a few minutes to scoop up our treasures before we were out the door and on our way to a fabulous breakfast (the carrot for my hubby :) at Venus in Berkeley.

On our way home we spied a thrift store called, Out of the Closet, which we've only seen in the Los Angeles area so we pulled over to check it out.

(Here it is in our home after a bath!)
Again, a fabulous treasure grabbed me as I was on my way out.

I love the form and function!

Are you thinking what I am?

A fabulously chic bar, right?

It had it all...

X detail on the sides with brass medallion, cane top with glass, inlaid decoration, 2 shelves, cabinet doors, metal ball finials, gorgeous wood/patina

Of course I see many fabulous items that I pass on because they don't fit my criteria... 

Few of kind
Reasonably Priced
I need it
I've been looking for it
Under priced
Smoking Deal
Just plain fabulous

Well, of course this piece pretty much covered it.

And I was able to knock $10 off the $45 asking price which paid for the $10 Hartman suitcase that will come in handy for our son's move to NYC after he graduates this June!

Since the salvage yard was just a bit further up the road, we made a quick pit stop there too.

 Just long enough to find this FABULOUS Abacus lamp,

 vintage black lampshade, 

And several pieces of gorgeous old beveled mirror.

I didn't realize until we returned home that one of the pieces fit perfectly above the baseboard on the door,

serving as the perfect compliment to the mirrored push handle that I scored years ago on ebay!

My hubby is right...

The only way not to score, is to not look!

But it is so much fun!

Even he agrees with that!
Oh, and guess where I didn't go today?

The Alameda Point!

That's right, I'm being a good girl and looking forward to getting my eye candy fix at The Academy Awards!