Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poking Around

My hubby and I went "poking around" our favorite salvage yard last weekend.

We were hoping to find some stone to use as thresholds off the living room, dining room and master bedroom doors leading out to our backyard.

It's not often you find what you're looking for!

 (Doors off the Dining Room) 

In fact of all the years that I've been haunting this place I have never seen flagstone pieces, I've only seen bricks, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I found him playing around with a stash of gray flagstone that looked to be a perfect match with our pea gravel!

(Doors off Living Room)

It was a small pile, but we set about picking out the best pieces laying them out in 3 rectangles.

(Doors off Master Bedroom)

We threw in a few extra pieces for good measure and loaded them in the back of our Volvo wagon/truck.

The best part...
We ended up using every last stone and the grand total came to all of $20!

(Fabulous faux bois concrete railings that were already sold)
This weekend we need to buy some pea gravel fines to fill in between the stones and we should be set!

(Wrought Iron section)

I made a quick sweep of the joint before heading home.

(These are those old scaffolding boards that everyone is making shelves out of)

Here are some things that caught my eye!

 Check out that beveled piece of glass!

A painting on canvas

Wine Storage

An interesting crock...

complete with old olives!


If you are wondering if I found anything...

I did!

But I'm saving that for a project that I will show you soon.

So, where have you been poking around lately?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I can't stop painting

With Waterlogue!

Waterlogue and Blogland seem to be a match made in Heaven!

*All photos of my house and treasures