Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I don't do Halloween decorations anymore, but I always look forward to seeing the trick or treaters!

(My friend Maggy made this beautiful Fall arrangement for a dinner party I went to this week. Isn't it lovely?)

We are going to cozy up with some comfort food while switching back and forth between the football game and scary movies listening for the doorbell.

How about you?


Kathysue said...

Same here, I need to get some candles and pumpkins out on my porch to be a little festive, but other than that, pretty simple these days. Love the arrangement, perfect for Thanksgiving, it is up next!!! Woo Hoo,
Happy Halloween,

Divine Theatre said...

Sadly, we didn't get many Trick or Treaters this year because of the rain. :(
The city only allows the kids to Trick or Treat until 6pm. Fascists! LOL!
Now I have 50 full size Hershey bars and about 40 boxes of crayons. I think we will donate them to the women's shelter, though.
I love that pumpkin arrangement. I have been wanting to make one.
When Trick or Treating ended I drove two hours to buy a ginormous gilded three piece eagle! LOL!
My poor daughter is soooo tired!
Thanks for visiting me!