Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I don't do Halloween decorations anymore, but I always look forward to seeing the trick or treaters!

(My friend Maggy made this beautiful Fall arrangement for a dinner party I went to this week. Isn't it lovely?)

We are going to cozy up with some comfort food while switching back and forth between the football game and scary movies listening for the doorbell.

How about you?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My new project...

Sparked a major purge and much needed new organization.

Once I emptied my son's/my second closet, I decided that I really wanted his room/our guest room closet to really function for him when he visits and our guests.

So suffice it to say, it is going to be really cool but it won't hold nearly what it was capable of holding before... which I'm embracing.

I really do want the person staying in this room to be able to put their things away and feel truly comfortable.

So, while this room is getting a closet makeover the rest of my house is a bit of a disaster with my clothes in piles everywhere ... but I'm working on it!

I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek at how it is going to look.

I initially considered just putting in the one cabinet with all the drawers and adding double rods to each side, but after seeing that  2 of the units fit inside the opening perfectly I decided to embrace the idea of a small fitted closet.

Just a test fit.

I am having some track lighting installed to light up the cabinetry and wash light down the front.

I initially thought I'd hang some fabric panels as I got rid of the last pair of by-pass doors that were original to our house.

After seeing how much the fitted campaign style cabinetry adds to the room, I think I want it to stay open.

What do you think so far?
Am I crazy to keep a closet relatively empty for guests? My son doesn't believe that I can do it, but I really really want to!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Closet Envy

 I picked this up yesterday at my local Salvation Army.

I was on my way out the door when I decided to open the doors of this armoire.

Much to my surprise it was outfitted as a closet with fabulous campaign style hardware!

The best part is that it is in 3 separate sections.

I've spent years figuring out the best way to organize a closet, never wanting to spend the money on expensive services like California Closets.

In fact, my own closet was created out of an entertainment center that I found at TJ Maxx and converted into a custom closet organizer which has functioned beautifully for years now.

So when I saw the potential in this antique beauty, the first thing I thought of was outfitting my son's closet.

So, stay tuned... 

I just love a project!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Up For Grabs!

Thank you all for playing...
"What is this?"

I appreciate you all taking a moment to venture a guess on this most intriguing object.

 I am offering "her" up to whoever wants to give her a home and put her to work :)

Let me know if you have a place in your heart and home for this little lady and she will be on her way to you!

If several of you want her, then I'll have to draw a name.

Thanks again for playing along although I'm not exactly sure if we figured it out :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We haven't played...

What is this?
(for a while)

I hate it when I can't figure out what something is!

When I came across this oddity, I proceeded to ask those around me what they thought it might be.

Several thought it was handmade but I don't think so...

It looks too well done to have been made by an amateur.

It definitely looks to have a purpose.

I find the hole in the top of the head intriguing.

It's driving me crazy!!! 

I need to know!

Come on... help me figure it out


***Thank you to those who have responded so far. I thought I better include the measurements so you have a better idea of its size. I'm thinking the bag lady idea sounds very plausible though...

I appreciate all your guesses!!!

Thank you

Dimensions: 12" high
The inside diameter is 3"
The opening is 2" across x 6.5" high

Monday, October 14, 2013

Waste not Want not

Wedding Flowers Revisited

One of the perks of being one of the last to leave is going home with some of the floral arrangements after the affair has ended.

  The next morning I set about placing these gorgeous little arrangements throughout my abode.

 The first one found a place in my entry on my bamboo hall tree next to a gilt Asian figure.

The next two found places in my living room as part of a vignette.

I then placed one inside a sea sponge in the powder room.

And lastly a pair of bouquets on each of our nightstands in the master bedroom.

I just love how they complement the orchids!

 I'm always on the lookout for insect brooches to place on my flower arrangements.

This is my nightstand.

 And this is my hubby's.

I have to say that this was the nicest wedding favor I ever received :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Joe & Lizzie

Tied the knot on Saturday.

  The bride's very proud parents!

A gorgeous reception followed at the beautiful Wente Winery.

Stunning floral displays in classic green and white were conceived and executed by the bride's mother and her partner, owners of La Flor Creations. 

We drank and nibbled before sitting down to dine and toast under the stars and twinkling lights.

The head table with the bride's sister helping with the veil and the groom with his identical twin brother and Best Man by his side. 

The picture perfect couple!

"The Best Day Ever"

 The wedding cake

 The sweetest Father and Daughter dance ever! 

Lizzie looks exactly like her gorgeous mother and her Dad is a teddy bear who has the biggest heart in the world!


It was a beautiful wedding, a perfect beginning for a most lovely young couple! 

 Congratulations you two!