Friday, September 13, 2013


From the moment I laid eyes on the now infamous redecoration of The Lyford Cay Club under the brilliant eye of Tom Scheerer, I was instantly smitten with the man.

I stared at that issue of Town & Country Magazine for days before sharing it on my blog

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of his new book released this month entitled, TOM SCHEERER DECORATES.

I devoured each and every image taking in all the delicious details.

What stood out to me was not only the brilliance of his designs, but how authentic and livable his spaces were.

As I flipped from page to page, and project to project, I got a clear sense of his process and dedication to creating spaces that truly reflected the personalities and needs of his clients.

 I couldn't help but notice the unique and unusual accessories that seemed hand picked.

I felt he was a kindred spirit of the treasure hunting kind!

In fact, I saw many things sprinkled throughout his rooms that I have found over the years in my treasure hunting forays. 

It made me feel that even though he is a highly sought after designer, he is down to earth and imminently relatable.

Several other bloggers have also reviewed this book and all seem to have enjoyed it as much as I did.

You might check out the recent interview he did with Mark Sikes here and here for a deeper insight into the talented Mr. Scheerer.

I highly recommend adding this beautiful book to your collection.


Karena said...

Terri I have just read the book as well. I was astonished that I loved room after room; feeling quite comfortable!The finishing touches always a surprise!

Adore his Trellis wallpaper!

2013 Artists Series

Fashion-isha said...

Those fan chandeliers are amazing!