Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Still Tweaking...

I hesitated using the term, "tweaking" as it unfortunately now has a new meaning, but all of us who are design obsessed understand that decorating is an ongoing process made up of constant "tweaks", until we feel we have achieved the look we are after.

Whenever I take on a new room or space, I find it takes me several months of "tweaking" until I'm satisfied with it.

Decorating is a work in process that for me evolves into the room or space I envisioned only after several rounds of "tweaking" or "fine tuning."

I feel it is important to live in the space for a time to really understand what is and is not working.



Our new backyard or "garden room."

I tried working with what we had and kept the lemon trees in their pots in the same location even though they weren't getting enough sun or producing much fruit.

I knew they looked out of place in the formal arrangement we have going on now with the pea gravel, boxwoods and tented pavilion.

So off I went in search of a pair of suitable pots that would work in their new sunnier location flanking the garden workbench in the sideyard or potager.

(These are Marzano tomatoes known for the best tomato sauce!)
I ordered these vintage sage green bicycle license plates from Belgium off Etsy that I'm going to attach to the new black pots I found at IKEA.

I think they are loving their new home and we are hoping they thank us with lots of lemons!

I knew a boxwood shape would be the perfect replacement for the lemon trees and fortunately found myself in Boxwood Topiary Heaven when I was sent out to Devil Mountain Nursery to pick up an order for my friend Molly who was busy setting up for her big sale last weekend.

The minute I saw these 10 gallon spiral boxwood topiaries, I knew they were going to be perfect!

As luck would have it, just as I arrived home my gardener pulled up right behind me and before I knew it they were placed in their new pots.

(I found the small Asian table at a church rummage sale and intend to paint it black and have a box cushion made to fit the top for extra seating)

Don't you just love it when you know immediately, without a doubt, that something is perfect?

I inevitably think, "what took me so long?"


What do you think of my latest tweaks?

On another note...
I've been adding a lot of new treasures to my Etsy Shop over the last few weeks. Check it out if you get a chance!

And thanks as always for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and comments :)


Unknown said...

Hi Terri!
Ohhhh...what a heavenly place to enjoy the outdoors! I love what you have created!!! I hope you are out there right this minute!

xoxo Elizabeth

ps: Also loved getting caught up on past posts....your arrangements with the hydrangeas are stunning!

Seawashed said...

It is gorgeous!!!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Terri....I love your outdoor living area. Looks like a very lovely place to linger...and linger some more:)

Patti's Artful Design said...

Terri....I love your outdoor living area. Looks like a very lovely place to linger...and linger some more:)

helen tilston said...

Helli Terri,

It is fabulous and most inviting.

I love all you have done

Helen xx

The enchanted home said...

You have done an amazing job....looks so beautiful. Enjoy!

Andrea said...

Your backyard garden room is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it!!

The Glam Pad

Beach House Living said...

Lovely as always and the biz woods are fantastic.

Karena said...

Terri you really do have a huge new room, to entertain, relax, to enjoy however you want! I too like tweaking, moving things around until I have the look I want.

Also, Love it when I find something, especially a great deal and know it will be perfect!

Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Loving the new twisted topiaries! Perfect in the pretty pots too. Your backyard is my dream! Love everything about it!