Thursday, August 22, 2013

Make Do Maniac

That is what I've become!

Ever since I found my first stapled repair back in February I've been smitten with the art of inventive repair.

(This piece was my 2nd acquisition)

Last month I accompanied a friend of mine who had never been to The Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Fair and decided to follow her lead looking mostly at things that interested her.

She had an agenda and was on the hunt for Fostoria glassware which fortunately for me was where I happened upon a make-do motherlode!

My heart quickened as I picked up the first piece, turning it over to discover the stapled backside.

I then picked up the one underneath it to discover that it too had stapled repairs!

I seriously could not believe my eyes when a 3rd matching piece revealed yet another stapled repair!

(Wedgwood Imprint/Blue Mark "IRIS")
  The gentleman at the booth went on to tell me that they were part of a lot that included a set of matching dinner plates in perfect condition which is why he bought it.

He figured someone could do mosaics or something with the stapled pieces.

(Aren't the backs amazing with the flow blue and Wedgwood Mark?)
The funny part is that I came to The Point with no purse, only my iphone and had to borrow the money from my friend.

Fortunately they were only $25!!!

Now I'm looking for the perfect spot to display them!


Karena said...

Terri, these plates are amazing, First of all I have never seen repairs like this, and suddenly you are finding them all over!

Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

Sarah said...

Your post makes me smile. I've always admired this technique and wonder how they even did it. I have a piece of French faience with a staple repair. This type of repair helps identify the age of the piece. ;-)
Your three new pieces will make a lovely display.

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

You found a treasure in these three stapled plates and, I agree, they look just as pretty on the reverse side


Kathysue said...

I love the way you see beauty in the unusual and always find the perfect spot in our home to display them. You always have a great story about your special treasures,
xo Kathysue

Leslie said...

Great find.. and price! Have fun looking for the perfect spot to display them. xxL