Monday, August 5, 2013

Exercising Your Eye

"Your eye is a muscle that you have to train to spot great finds."

I couldn't agree more!

Here are a few lovelies "eye spied" last week...

A beautiful 19TH Century Antique French Enameled Opaline Glass Lamp.

Exquisitely decorated with birds and flowers, trimmed in gold and enamel dots, a hallmark of fine French glass.

I'm not sure but it could be made by Baccarat circa 1830 to 1880 and decorated by one of the master artists.

French Blue Opaline Glass Vase

It is decorated with gold stars and gold trim but as you can see there are several areas where the gold has worn off. Otherwise it is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

It is etched on the bottom, France PV.

And finally, this exquisitely shaped cloisonne cobalt blue vase. 

It is decorated with an extravagant cherry blossom branch.

It's not in perfect condition, though the damaged part where the silver shows actually enhances the piece in my eye.

Which goes to show...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

It is marked with an Asian character on the bottom.

I have never seen a piece of cloisonne in this shape. I think it is stunning even with its damage.

What can I say...
I love to exercise my eye!

Email me if you are interested in purchasing any of the items featured. 


Kathysue said...

you my dear have a very well trained eye indeed!
xo Kathysue

Karena said...

I wish we lived nearby as I would be thrilled to venture out with you looking for great finds like this!

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Sarah said...

Looks Looks like your well trained eyes were focused on the blues.blues. Beautiful finds!

Curtains in My Tree said...

good finds girl

love the bird lamp

Ivy Clad said...

You are so right. Training the eye is an art form itself. Today, my mother called me from a shop describing something that sounded like alabaster grapes, and sure enough... :-)

Gorgeous finds you have there!