Monday, June 10, 2013

You Just Never Know...

One of the things I love most about selling online via Etsy or my blog is finding out "who" is buying my item.

Often times it is someone random who happens upon my item by chance, other times it is someone who reads and follows my blog and once in a while it is someone who buys my item for a photo shoot or their store or something else  kind of cool.

Recently I sold one of my custom crafted oyster shell lamps to a customer in Manhattan Beach, California.

Turns out he is a well known third generation, Southern California restauranteur who purchased it for his newest restaurant, Fishing with Dynamite.

Since I was going to Southern California to help our son pack for his summer internship in NYC, I had the opportunity to deliver the lamp in person as Manhattan Beach is fairly close to UCLA.


It wasn't until I returned home and goggled Mike Simms, that I discovered he was part of a long and storied family legacy in the restaurant business.

His grandfather started out managing the commissary at Paramount Studios in the 50s. A true entrepreneur, he went out, borrowed some money and opened his first coffee shop in Los Angeles in the mid-1950s, and eventually owned several. His dad followed in his footsteps after a detour as an aeronautical pilot, and started and ran Mimi's Cafe until he sold it in 2005 and then helped he and his brother, Chris, join the family business. 

Together they own and operate Simms Restaurant Group in Manhattan Beach which includes Simmzy's, Tin Roof Bistro, MB Post, and now Fishing with Dynamite.

Unfortunately we weren't able to actually meet Mike as he was out of town the day we delivered the lamp. We didn't even have time to catch a bite  to eat as it was a quick 48 hour trip for us.

We will return soon and look forward to a great meal at one of Mike's restaurants.

 Now the question is, which one? 


French said...

LA has some cool restaurants; but so little time, so many places to go....the lamp looks fabulous~