Monday, May 6, 2013

In case you've been wondering...

where I've been.

You can find me in the garden!

This single minded Virgo girl can only do one thing at once and lately my focus has been solely on our yard.

It's definitely a work in progress but one that I'm enjoying immensely.

For the first time I have pride in our yard and how it is evolving.

I've never been good at landscaping or gardening but I think that is all beginning to change!

I am blessed to have a friend, a fellow Virgo no less, who is a very talented florist and landscaper, who has been helping me design the yard I've envisioned in my head.

I'm learning a lot from her and have a feeling that "gardening" is fast becoming a new passion of mine!

Let's see, we painted our vegetable bed Paris Gray to blend in with the pea gravel.

On the advice of the ladies who sold us our tomato plants we made our own tomato cages out of old wire mesh we found at the salvage yard for $10.

I think they are going to work out great!

We are harvesting herbs daily and enjoying the incredible flavors that they bring to our meals! 

We kept the mint confined to an urn as we heard it can be quite invasive.

I'm pinching myself as I scored 4 white peony plants at Costco last week and they seem to be thriving in their new pots complete with drip systems.

I always thought peonies couldn't grow in California because they needed the winter frost.

So far, so good but I'll keep my finger crossed just the same.

I painted the 4 concrete basketweave planters with Annie Sloan's Paris Gray chalk paint. Next up is the rattan chaise.

I found these wooden planter boxes at a garage sale last summer never imagining how perfect they would be surrounding the two trees next to our bedroom and dining room french doors! My hubby knocked out the bottoms and was able to open them just enough to slip around the trunks.

Here we are rounding the bend into the backyard proper.

On the advice of my good friend Kevin (Hollywood Forever, Kevin) we deepened the existing flower bed transplanting the roses we removed from the sideyard, staggering them in front of the others.

More updating with Annie's Paris Gray!
It is so soft and looks great on the gray pea gravel. 

 I re-stained the fence and moved the concrete lion head to a more prominent position placing this antique iron candelabra beneath it.

I'm so excited to plant 38 of these English boxwood balls along the length of the flower bed highlighting the roses behind them!

My talented friend, Molly, told me that this English variety is much softer and more elegant than the typical Japanese boxwood that we have in our front yard.

We have yet to plant these white hydrangea plants behind and around the tree that I had in my front entry last year.

I'm also working on completing this large oyster shell mirror.

Molly says you must have mirrors in the garden!

I love how it enhances the view  and reflects the candlelight!

We still need to deal with three thresholds off the dining room, living room and master bedroom.

In the meantime these vintage Asian character stepping stones are working out fine.

We decided to eliminate the skirted Sunbrella console table and have put it on craigslist.

I think we are going to plant a spiral/topiary tree of some sort in the other corner.  

I saw some photos of boxwood planted in baskets on Pinterest and love the look!

Molly gave me some Bacopa to add to the planter boxes.

My killer score!
A 24" solid copper Bevolo New Orleans carriage lantern found at a salvage yard for $50!  (It sells for $595 on their website!)
Now I'm saving up for the smaller matching pair to update the outdoor fixtures. 

I love how the bed curves at both ends and gently leads you around to the sideyard.

The dwarf lemon trees love their new location and are already showing signs of a promising yield!

We are pleasantly surprised that our wrought iron chairs do not sink down into the gravel as we suspected they might.

Although the couch does and we have an idea to rectify that. We'll let you know if it works.

I've been shopping the prop shop and brought over this wonderful vintage garden chair that I picked up a while back.

I'm trying to keep things crisp and edited as I promised my hubby I would not "junk it up."

We'll see how long I last :)

 The Craftsman fixture will soon be replaced with a copper carriage lantern which is more in keeping with the look of our home.

 Now you know where I've been and what I've been up to.

Any exciting new plans for your garden?



michele said...

all of it magical and inspiring! the pea gravel is so enchanting, and i can hear the crunch. bravo, you talented lady!


Reichel Broussard said...

Gorgeous and perfect. What an oasis! Love it T! xo

Karena said...

I am amazed at all you have accomplished! The black and white accents with the greenery and Paris Gray, wow!

With all of your unique pieces I can only imagine how special the garden will be when you are done! (are we ever?)

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

You've really been busy!

Did you fill the wooden boxes surrounding the Japanese Maples with dirt to accommodate the lovely white plants or are they in pots?

Thanks for a lovely show and tell.

Anonymous said...

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The enchanted home said...

Wow you have been one busy lady!! Looking have done so much, its all looking so beautiful and no doubt you will really get to enjoy it this summer!

A Perfect Gray said...

terri! i am so darn impressed. everything looks so good and love the annie sloan gray for outdoor use. fantastic job! donna

Anonymous said...

I think your oyster shell mirror is finished...looks beautiful as it is! Lovely job!

Eileen in Atlanta

La Dolfina said...

Thanks everyone!
I think it is going to get better and better as time goes on, but I am loving it so far. It takes me a while to figure things out. I did fill the white boxes with dirt before painting the white flowers:)
The gravel surpassed our expectations. It is so clean compared to what we had and it adds so much light to our yard!!!

cindy hattersley design said...

Everything looks wonderful! Don't you just love gravel? I will be anxious to hear a peony report!! I have never had any luck with them!!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Good morning, Terri,
You have been working your tail off! It looks terrific! Yes, the English boxwood won't need to be pruned, like the Japanese version. Much better choice! Lots of wonderful choices. By the way, did you go with the cut pea gravel, vs. the round? I hear that it locks into place.
Take care,

French said...

Nothing short of very impressive! That's a lot of work, and it looks amazing!!

savvycityfarmer said...

I'm going to steal every little detail!!
can we sit there together please

funny thing, I just posted about pea gravel ....

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I'm in love with this space! Your garden is so pretty in the center like that. I love that you put those planter boxes around trees in the ground! Great idea. I also adore your choice of hydrangeas, boxwood and roses- all my favorites. I hope the peonies grow.They are so gorgeous.

You've given me serious inspiration. I'd love to try boxwoods in those baskets and the curtains and so much else. Our yard needs a serious rework and I am slowly adding natives and taking out older plants. I'd also like to make my vegetable garden prettier like yours.

Always love to see what you are up to! Beautiful.


Monica said...

Fantastic back yard and garden. I love the pea gravel and wish I could do my entire yard this way but my husband just cannot see that vision working for us. All your planters are wonderful and the color of your fence I love. Best with all the planting that still needs to be done and I hope you get tons of lemons.

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...
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cjsullivan133 said...

What a beautiful change Terri. Only thing my eye tells me it needs now, is some native grasses along some of the fence and perhaps even painting the fence black to match your house. It looks great!

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

I cannot blame you for spending time in your beautiful garden. What wonderful improvements you have made. I love the oyster mirror and you are harvesting wonderful herbs already.
As another Virgo, who loves to garden, I look forward to reading more

Helen xx

Jules said...

As my sister and I often say to each other, "You're killing me, Smalls!" Your garden is ah-mazing! My side garden has so much potential but it's currently quite a sad state of affairs. Thanks for the lovely inspiration. Great photos!!

Molly Hollis said...

Beautiful! Your yard looks so inviting...I love the picture-path tour. The large round boxwoods look great in the pots, as well the one gallon English variety along the meandering border. I'm envious of your mirrors. You mentioned casually you might have mirrors in your prop shop, but I had no idea, they're wonderful! The color palette is very elegant and tasteful. I love everything about your garden!

Amy Davis said...

Looks great. Where did you get the oyster shells?

La Dolfina said...

Hi Amy!
I go into restaurants with oyster bars and ask nicely if they wouldn't mind saving me the shells. Then I bring them home and clean and disinfect them with Clorox.

Anonymous said...

The basket weave planters look fabulous, where did you get them?