Friday, April 26, 2013

A Treasure Hunt

In a Napa Garden.

Last weekend we were invited by friends to go on a little adventure.

So we jumped in the car and met them in the wine country where we found ourselves in this dreamy  garden setting filled with vintage treasures.

It was a gorgeous Spring day and a perfect way to start the weekend.

We took our time and leisurely strolled about the grounds admiring both the gorgeous garden and the delightful array of treasures strewn about.

It was small and intimate with just a handful of sellers displaying their wares.

It was probably the most low key and relaxing sale I have ever been to.

Very laid back.

In fact I felt like I was strolling the grounds of Downton Abbey, where time stands still.

There was a nice selection of vintage goodies but the real star was the garden.

I began to notice that there were interesting pieces placed here and there among the plants, just waiting to be discovered.

Obviously the owner is a fellow treasure hunter and has creatively displayed them in her whimsical wine country garden.

Our friends Debbie and Phil enjoying the discovery.

Roses are in full bloom everywhere right now!

But I rarely see peonies in this area!
Seeing these looking so healthy and about to burst was very exciting!

This was my favorite treasure and yet it didn't come home with me.

 This mirror took our breath away and so did the price tag!

Phil and Debbie considered this gorgeous panel from an antique wagon as a wine tasting table for their Sonoma home.

We all had to agree that we loved it just leaning against the tree so that's where we left it.

 We headed into town for a bite to eat and then made our way to their beautiful Sonoma home where we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing in each others company and eating delicious food, drinking incredible wine, and  playing lots of  Bocce Ball!

We couldn't thank them enough!