Monday, March 18, 2013


I've got it bad!

The weather has been so nice here in the SF Bay Area the last few weeks that it has me longing to get outside and get my yard in shape for my favorite seasons.

  The local nurseries are bursting right now with so many wonderful plants, trees, bulbs, flowers and vegetables which has prompted me to get outside and do some Spring cleaning.

I've been doing the necessary pruning over the past month or so and am now uncovering and cleaning the garden furniture, dusting off the cobwebs, re-staining the fence, re-painting the walkway and just tidying up both the front and backyards.

Hope really springs eternal this time of year with the anticipation of warmer months ahead!

Even in California the weather can be rather unpredictable especially in Spring.

I tend to forget the April showers and pretty fierce winds that come with Springtime in the Bay Area, but it never seems to dampen my enthusiasm for preparing our yard or "outside room" for easy living.

Our house feels so much bigger when we get to use the backyard as another room.

Each year I seem to rearrange things just a bit differently.

This year I had to come up with a new coffee table as the old one gave into the elements and sadly bit the dust. 

I purchased this gorgeous old pot at my favorite salvage yard about a year ago thinking it would be a nice replacement when we needed it and I'm happy to report it worked out perfectly!

I went back to that salvage yard on Sunday to find a glass top and found the perfect one, 42" in diameter with very thick glass for $20!  

I'm thrilled with how it has transformed the seating arrangement making it more open and inviting. 

We are meeting with our gardener this evening to discuss eliminating this useless, ugly, grassy section, and expanding the brick patio to the rose bed and underplanting the roses to make it into a lusher border.

We have been storing 2 piles of used brick on the side of our house for several years so it's high time to put them to use! 


I think Spring is my favorite season, what's yours? 


Sandy Bryan said...

Perfect!!! I am so glad you will be getting great use of those perfect bricks. Expanding the area is a perfect solution. Thanks for another moment of inspiration. I do miss you!!! xo to you, Mary and Chris!

Divine Theatre said...

it's ALREADY stunning, my friend! I cannot WAIT to see what you add!



Kathysue said...

SPRING Girl Here!! Always will be may favorite, even the colors as you well know, since you have been in my home! Come over to my blog and see what is new in my room!! I am one happy lady!! xo

Glamour Drops said...

The table looks gorgeous - but I am also rather smitten with your planting arrangement in the urn on top. Looks like they are all succulents?? Textures and colours are fabulous.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Sounds like even in Sunny California the weather does not always cooperate. Your outdoor room is just stunning. LOVE the dramatic colors!!
Those bricks will make a handsome project!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Your urn planting is stunning, I love the donkey's tails! and the glasstop is a serious steal, worthy of La Dolfina ~

Sally Cote' said...

I would be hard pressed to decide a favorite season. I love them all. Each has it's own beauty. However, I am hating winter as it drags on at least a month longer than I can stand. We have light snow and a predicted high of 29 here today. I envy your ability to get outside to get some work done. I can only look outside and see all of the decaying leaves that blew into our yard after the last fall clean up. The weather is too lousy to clean up the ugliness left behind by the long winter.
I think your salvaged pieces work great as an outdoor coffee table! Great job!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Spring and fall! one for the freshness and the other for the crispness. Ours is only beginning here, can't wait for it to hit full force!

cindy said...

Love your outdoor room and your new coffee table. It looks fabulous! I got rid of all my grass years ago. You will love having an expanded patio I am sure!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Looks so spotless and inviting. I need to do the same!

Kathysue said...

Terri, I saw your question about the succulent plants on pinterest, I left a comment there, but just in case you do not see it, the plants you were asking about are called chicks and hens a succulent, very easy to grow and will withstand our weather beautiful, they do multiply and can get larger than what is pictured. Looks like some pea gravel is in your future, perfect choice for your home!!

molly- See you downtown said...

I have a very similar brick patio and have struggled with my arrangement, so appreciated seeing yours. Did you have the cushions made? I am looking for some replacements and the older furniture has a different size from the ready-made new, so would appreciate your sharing the source if so. Thanks for the many lovely pictures.

Leslie said...

Your brick patio extension sounds perfect! It's so nice to be able to use the patio/deck area as an extension of the inside come spring and summer. Living in the pacific northwest we have a ways to go before its warm enough to start planting. It was 33 degrees in my yard this morning! The sitting area is perfect!

designchic said...

I just love your patio - dreaming of spring weather and flowers...can't wait to see your project!

cjsullivan133 said...

I picture your garden expanding out because of your new idea. It will make it seem bigger. I love landscaping. I am seeing lots of Hydrangea back here too, a cypress or two and the gravel will rock! A little foot path of grass. Alameda is the perfect climate for all plants..

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I love your yard! The pillows, curtains and the way you painted all the trim and French doors black is gorgeous! I'd love to do this in my yard. Just read your post about the pea gravel. That would look beautiful too though I love the classic brick as well. We had pea gravel in our last yard and I really loved how it looked and sounded!

Great inspiration!