Monday, February 11, 2013

Your preference?

Last weekend while at The Alameda Point, I mentioned that I brought a few things home with me.

 A whimsical key

And a handful of beautiful paintbrushes

And then I came upon these chairs...

I didn't need them of course and would have passed them by if it weren't for my dear old mom who insisted they were meant for me.

It didn't help that I knew the man who was selling them. There was also this random girl who kept walking by asking if I was going to buy them. She kept coming back, finally asking if she could take a picture of them. 

All of these forces culminated in my purchasing them. 

The man I bought them from said he would deliver them on Thursday.

I immediately had buyers remorse, mainly because I didn't need them.

My mom thought they would make great side chairs in my dining room and I agreed.

Well yesterday they were delivered and I didn't like the way they looked in my dining room.

Seeing something in your mind and then actually seeing it in the room can be very different!

I felt that they were too heavy for my little dining room and upset the delicate balance of what was already working in the room.

Buyers remorse was at an all time high!

I began to drag them from room to room to see if they might work somewhere else in my house.

The last room I dragged them into was my den.

I replaced the existing black faux bamboo side chairs flanking the marquetry dresser with the clamshell chairs and I think I'm in love!

I wasn't looking for an upgrade and certainly didn't need one but sometimes things just work out.

So in terms of an upgrade, I'd love to know what you think.

Are the Clamshell Chairs better?  


sydney85 said...

Your Clamshell Chairs are great and I love them in the den.

French-Kissed said...

Most definitely! I think they have found the perfect new home.


Anonymous said...

Eye candy made for your space!

Privet and Holly said...

I have done this too
many times to count!

I think the clamshells
are warmer and look

Happy Monday,
xo Suzanne

Woodside Park said...

Hi, Terri - So glad you got the clam back chairs!!! While the black ones are nice, these are divine! These really pop, and do not compete with the bamboo mirror.
Enjoy them ~

Trouvais said...

Hi Terri...absolutely love them! They are beautiful alongside the marquetry dresser, echoing those golden tones, and a standout against the toile. Wow! Trish

lisaroy said...

I love them! much better :)

cjsullivan133 said...

They look really good. The color of the wood under those great prints brings the whole wall together and their curvature shape is very feminine. Plus they look comfy!

Unknown said...


I love the clamshell chairs and think they pop more against the wallpaper. The bamboo chairs are fab...but they blend in. Maybe you've got another room those can go in. Change the seat cover and you're set!
xoxo Elizabeth

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Exquisite! The clamshell chairs are beautiful and perfect in their new setting and I'm quite certain you will find another spot for your bamboo chairs. The clamshell chairs standout beautifully in their new spot...they were meant to be there!

cj said...

I agree with everyone else, they were meant to be there, I wouldn't jazz up the upholstery too much, they are glam enough.

Divine Theatre said...

MUCH better! Maybe upholster the seats in black silk?
Where are you going to put the chinoiserie chairs? Have they made the rounds of the house? LOL!