Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Fever

I've been playing around on my mantle again...

It seems whenever I find some new goodies they find their way onto my mantle.

An old Chinese basket,

and a covey of pheasants.

The porcelain seashell basket is now on its way to Lake Huron where the new owner is anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I find the more I practice "mantlescaping" the more confident I become.

I used to avoid mantles and bookshelves like the plague but with a plethora of inspiration to be found on blogs and sites like Pinterest  accessorizing is now an activity I relish!

I just bought some flowering branches today at Trader Joe's to add to one of the ginger jars.

It is a luxury to have such a deep mantle to work with!

These recent finds did not make it to the mantle however and are displayed on my kitchen counter where my hubby keeps asking me what they are doing there.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who brings home random bottles.

They charm me to no end...

He does approve of the set of vintage green dinner plates I found for $1 apiece though!

 So tell me, what's on your mantle at the moment?



Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

You always have the most unique stuff in your home...always something different and so pretty!

Anonymous said...
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Acquired Objects said...

Your mantle is beautiful Terri and I love that you like to change it up. Ours pretty much stays the same with objects the husband collects. Antique telescopes, they’re small, fossils, capitals, actually the husband does change it up once in a while since I have the large coffee table. So keep playing I love seeing it.


Geri said...

Still hoping to live on your quaint little island someday Terri! My daughter isn't living in the area at the moment, she's an attorney down in palo alto. She is set on buying back in the sf area so that's where I want to end up too! Although you are a more evolved collector than I, it would be so fun to hang out! We are definitely from the same cloth, kindred spirits if you will! Love love love your beautiful mantle, and the story of purchasing it In France no less!
As to the question.... My mantle at the present, a painting by Michelle armas and a juju headpiece above, shells, a glass box of collected goodies( old brass compass, chunk of amethyst, two ivory feathers), stack of old books, an art glass hurricane lamp and a beautiful orchid from my favorite flower shop, trader joes!
Thanks terri, keep inspiring!
Geri xoxo

French said...

I remember the story of your mantel and love to see the new scenes on it....great porcelain is always perfect. Love the bottles too for the kitchen!

Woodside Park said...

My living room mantel is flat and does not have a shelf / ledge :( !!! Kills me during the holidays. Your mantel is divine. It's the pièce de résistance of your living room! Gorgeous styling!

Fashion-isha said...

That's what a mantle is for. Redecorating! I love your beautiful green bottles!

Anonymous said...

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