Monday, February 4, 2013

Long Time, No See

It's been a long time since I've been to 
The Alameda Point!

I thought I'd grab my mom and head over for a bit before the Super Bowl yesterday.

I felt like I've neglected those of you who like to browse the market with me.

We arrived late and had to deal with some serious shadows while trying to take photos for your viewing pleasure. 

Directly inside the gate, off to the right, is always my first stop and the best eye candy in my opinion.

Plus, I adore Coco and her handsome brother who just happened to be there together, which is rare, because they had just received a large shipment from France and needed to work together to get it beautifully displayed for their loyal following.

I love starting my rounds here as it gets my heart racing with excitement!

Even arriving late, there were still plenty of treasures left.

My agenda was simple...

Take photos,

visit and hug all my favorite dealers,

and help my mom find an unusual base to go with her 60" round glass top in her dining room.

Everybody missed me and had been wondering where I've been.

I think I just got tired of going every month and needed a break to appreciate it again.

It felt good to be back and the weather and views of San Francisco were amazing!

Our son was home visiting for the weekend so I didn't stay too long...

I just wanted some fresh air, eye candy and exercise before planting myself in front of the TV to watch The Super Bowl with my boyz.

The Doritos commercial was my favorite.

I loved Beyonce's half-time performance!

I'm wondering if her show may have had something to do with the power outage,

which if you were a Niner fan was a gift,

changing the momentum and making the game a lot more exciting!

I couldn't help thinking about Jack & Jackie Harbaugh and how the game couldn't have been scripted any better for them at least!

It's hard to feel like a loser when it was such a close game.

My husband informed me that March Madness is next...


I've got that to look forward to!

Oh, and...

 next month I'm meeting up here with a lovely blogger, Theresa Cheek of Art's the Answer Blog, who will be in town visiting her daughter.

That should be fun!

I love to meet my blog friends whenever possible.

It's definitely one of the perks of blogging for me.

So sit back and enjoy the rest of the show...

See if you can figure out what I brought home with me.

I'll give you a hint.

One thing shouldn't surprise you, and the other is a handful.

Happy Hunting!!

I can't believe my eyes...

Do you remember these hideous things from the 70's? Could they be making a comeback?
Oh God, I hope not!

If you guessed the Clamshell Chairs and the paint brushes, you know me well!!!

Hope you all had a Super Weekend. 


Woodside Park said...

Terri! Now THIS is an antiquing post!!! Sooooo many fabulous goodies to drool over. $45 for a bottle? That's not bad - it's actually a bargain. I certainly couldn't buy one in France for that price. And I adore all those transferware dishes. Thank YOU for sharing all the photos. You're the best :)

La Brocanteuse said...

I was right!! Honestly! Guess I know you well!

A Perfect Gray said...

terri! so many wonderful things. I am so jealous...

Acquired Objects said...

Terri I don't think you took enough pictures...;) I was hoping you had purchased that fabulous dolphin lamp base just for me. If you seee it again please buy it I want!


Sarah said...

I just knew it was the clam shell chairs. Can't wait to see these after you work your magic. Wonderful find! Thanks for taking us along. I have missed this outing!

Nita Stacy said...

I guessed the dolphin birdbath base and the paint I was half right. I would have HAD to taken home one of those french bottles at the very beginning. I've been wanting one of those and that was a good price.

Things and Thoughts said...

What a post ! I wish I could visit this flea market. Lucky you!

French said...

Wow, so many images, I feel like I was there with you! So much to love!

mikky said...

Ooo the clam shell chairs are nice! My guess had been the table base - I could picture it looking nice repainted & the pins with numbers on them.
Was fun looking at your photos.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, so much to see and wow, what a selection. I love the clam shell chairs too, fabulous. I also really like the demijohns and the french linens. Hugs, marty

Theresa Cheek said...

I never tire of flea markets and Alameda Point is one of the best! See you next month!