Friday, February 8, 2013

Eco Friendly Decorating

 is an amazing home consignment store in San Francisco.

My mom and I were on an errand in the city yesterday and stopped by there on the way home.

They've moved locations since the last time I visited.

 I love their large, bright new space located on Van Ness Avenue.

The people who work there are delightful.

Even though I live very close to San Francisco, I don't go that often.

 One of the things I love about leftovers is their "Swoon List."

 They blast out the best of the best bi-weekly, so as an email subscriber you'll get first dibs on the prettiest pieces.

Unique and ever-changing eye candy delivered twice a month straight to your inbox!

Often the best pieces sell via phone within minutes of blasting their "Swoon List!"

At Leftovers it's all about Recycle, Reuse and Relove.

 Classics always come around again, and beautiful design never goes out of style.

Finding that one treasure that makes your heart beat a little faster is what keeps decorators coming back to Leftovers.

But furniture's not the only thing that's "reloved" at Leftovers.

All their store pets are pre-owned!

They adopt rescue animals in need from SF Animal Care & Control.

Currently they have two little dogs, one three legged cat, and four doves.

My mom actually thought the cat was a pillow at first glance!

She is a beauty!

Owner Kelly Hensley is hosting Leftovers' first annual furniture redesign showcase and has distributed 30 identical unassuming chairs to 30 San Francisco design students and local artists.

Their task is to "revamp" their chair in a unique way for a silent auction to raise money for SF Animal Care & Control.

 The re-imagined chairs will be sold in a silent auction, the night of March 7th.

If you are so inclined...

Come enjoy a glass of champagne while you mingle with famous decorators, interior design students, artists, and volunteers from the animal shelter.


It's for a great cause!

Maybe I'll see you there!

At any rate, check out Leftovers.

Whether in person or virtually.

You will be glad you did!


Unknown said...

Oh my....yet another place I am going to have to visit (I may have to visit with a truck lol) when I'm next in CA...thanks for sharing this looks fab!

Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor

Acquired Objects said...

Looks like some great things and love the name. I see a couple of pieces you simply reupholster and they're perfect. I would be in trouble in this store!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

THIS IS MY KIND OF STORE!!! Wish I had been there with you and your the way, I am sure I would love your mom, too.

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

A fabulous store. It is so beautiful that they support animal rescue - a truly wonderful cause and I wish them every success


vignette design said...

I love Leftovers! Was just there on Friday with a client and bought the two black lacquer matching cabinets.
I have my eye on a rusty baker's rack and those antlers are calling my name too! Love their kitties!