Thursday, January 3, 2013

First project of the year

This Christmas season had 5 weekends which made it last extra long and brought new meaning to the saying... "too much of a good thing."

I'm just saying, that it feels good to put the holiday season behind me and get back to the business of living.

After taking down and packing away the Christmas decorations, I curled up with a few of my favorite magazines.

 My interest was piqued when I came upon this gorgeous green malachite lamp finial by Hillary Thomas.

You see, several months ago I picked up a pair of  vintage malachite clip on earrings, not to wear, but just because they were so beautiful.

I figured one day I would figure out something fun to do with them.

A pair of lamp finials is the perfect reincarnation for this cast off pair of earrings!

I'm off to shop the internet for a cheap pair of lamp finials that I can switch out for my unusually shaped malachite earrings.

I think they will look stunning on the vintage brass obelisk lamps in my living room which are in need of an elegant flourish.

A few more ideas that caught my attention...

I love the way split bamboo is used as crown moulding in this small upstairs landing and  think it could work in our small Chinoiserie powder room. 

And finally I adore this paint palette taken from hand painted European scenic wallpaper in "Grisaille", where the painting is done entirely in shades of gray. 

How about you?
Any exciting projects planned for the new year?




What a great idea!!! I love a beautiful finial and I think those earrings will accomplish that:). I don't even want to think of all the projects I have coming up!

Anonymous said...

I'm just dying to know how to accomplish that tortoise shell look on bamboo. All I ever see is the plain-jane bamboo. If that's a do-it-yourself project, please show how that's done.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Hi Terri! Happy New Year! I have to agree that as much as I love Christmas, I also love taking the decorations down, too!

Karena said...

Wow Terri those malachite finials are going to be just gorgeous!!

I am going to get stronger and healthy; have new adventures and experiences. So thankful to have your friendship!

All the best in the New Year ahead!
Art by Karena

Acquired Objects said...

Wow Terri your malachite earrings are going to look fabulous as finials and can't wait to see them. Projects? I need to live to 200 to finish everything on my plate.


Kathysue said...

malachite fascinates me and I think your idea is genius!! As always you came up with something unique, plus you are adding a pop of Pantones color for 2013 in your room. They will look stunning on your lamps,
xo Kathysue

Leslie said...

Wonderful idea! I like all your inspiration here. The paint palette is gorgeous.. love the soft gray. WA is a "gray" state, yet the color looks so pretty as a wall color.

Enjoy your weekend!

La Dolfina said...

The moulding mimics tortoiseshell but is inexpensive split bamboo from Bamboo and Rattan Works.
I have found long poles of bamboo at my local nursery. I think it would be fairly simple to saw or split it in half. I guess you could miter the ends at the corners just like you would with traditional crown moulding. Long runs might be a bit more difficult matching up the seam but I think it wouldn't be that noticeable with the end result being so dramatic! Good luck to you if you decide to try it!

Anonymous said...
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Carrie said...

It's always fun to get inspirations from magazines. It's so exciting to bring them all to life huh?


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I just love how creative you are! Great idea for the finials. I have to do something about Alie's room since I let her take the furniture in her old bedroom.