Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sugar Pine cone

Pinus lambertiana, commonly known as the sugar pine or sugar cone pine, is the tallest and most massive pine, and has the longest cones of any conifer.

It is native to the mountains of the Pacific coast of North America, from Oregon through California to Baja California.

Sugar Pine cones are the world's longest cones, sometimes growing up to 24" long.

The trees were named from their sweet sap and can be up to 280 feet in height!

Sugar Pine cones are light brown on the tips, with a darker brown towards the cone's center.

This year I kept my mantle very simple using Sugar Pine cones from Lake Tahoe mixed with red berries. 

It's just not Christmas without my "winter shells."

I love the scale of the Sugar Pine cones on my mantle.

Each year I challenge myself to do something different and I'm really loving this simple arrangement.

I kept things light throughout the house this year.

In fact, most of my decorations are still in boxes in the garage.

Each year I seem to gravitate towards a lighter touch.

For this girl, less is more.

Did you do anything special to commemorate the date, 12/12/12?


Karena said...

Terri your mantle is gorgeous! I had no idea those pine cones could grow so large. I am with you,natural elements, simplify, and use special pieces beautifully displayed.

2012 Artists Series,

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So beautiful...I used pine cones on my mantel...big fat ones from Mammoth.

Woodside Park said...

The sugar pine cones and berries are lovely natural decorations for your faux bamboo mantel. The entire vignette is beautiful!
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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