Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back from vacation

We are back from a fabulous week visiting with our son and spending time together on the beautiful Newport Coast in southern California.

It was surreal being in vacation mode, surrounded by gorgeous beaches and endless sunshine while the opposite coast experienced untold devastation.

My poor friend Rita, of Beach House Living, found herself directly in the eye of the storm where she lives on the Jersey shore.

I came home to find several missed calls from her looking for a comforting voice...

I have since spoken with her and am happy to report that she, in her words, "is living in luxury compared to many people," as her home is 6 blocks from the beach and was spared from the wrath of the storm. 

Rita has the biggest heart and most generous spirit and is doing everything in her power to help those around her.

My heart and prayers go out to her and everyone who is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

It is so eerie, but the last time we visited the Newport Coast the tsunami hit the day we left...  

I can't help but remember the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. When you are in the middle of devastation, you are in a vacuum, dealing only with the minute to minute reality of the situation while everywhere else in the world life goes on...

We never know when "our" world will be rocked to its core and the simple things we take for granted suddenly become a matter of survival.

To all of you who are dealing with this hardship, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I firmly believe that you will emerge from this stronger because out of hardship can come an ever greater gratitude.


classic • casual • home said...

Oh my gosh, Terri...It was so delightful meeting you! Come back and let us make dinner for you.

Best wishes,
Mary Ann

designchic said...

It has been a terrible time for those affected by the storm - my faith in humanity is always restored during these hard times...your friend is a great example!