Friday, September 28, 2012

The Classics

With the official arrival of Fall, one of the things I always look forward to is changing out my handbag.

 I think it was a recent article I read about Coach re-introducing their tried and true classics that has left me lusting after a traditional leather handbag. 

 I must admit, over the years, I have been a bit impetuous and without much thought given away or donated some classic handbags that have left me now wishing I hadn't.

Fortunately, my treasure hunting skills have allowed me to re-discover some of those iconic "it" bags from my youth. 

Just yesterday in fact, I hit the mother lode finding not one...

 (Made In Italy for I. Magnin)

but two beautiful classics!


Here are some other recent lovlies I've been fortunate to find...

A Coach Classic in gorgeous camel colored leather.

I love the traditional style and  brass buckles that Coach is known for.

I have always loved the navy blue Gucci monogram bag.

 It doesn't get more classic than this.
I found this one with the matching wallet at a garage sale for $5!

This one is my fave!

The navy & red webbing and brass lock is to die for!

And yes, this came with a matching wallet too.

I scored this little Christian Dior envelope clutch at an estate sale this summer.

I especially love this one as I had the same one in a speedy style back in the 1970's.  I've always wondered what I did with it...

I found this great Coach Classic in a thrift store for $15 a few months ago...

 At first I didn't realize it was a Coach because I had the more updated version of the large one strap bucket style in red in the 1980's.

It wasn't until I started cleaning it that I saw the stamped Coach interior pocket and realized it was the predecessor to my bucket bag... hence the very distressed condition, which I love by the way!

Another Coach oldie but goodie.

Love the distressed condition and extra long strap that can be worn cross body. It is currently for sale in my etsy shop

I gave away my LV Speedy bag years ago but recaptured an oldie but goodie at The Alameda Point Antiques Fair several years ago.

I love the age on the handles!

 Just found this vintage 1980's LV last week

It is also for sale in my etsy shop.

I couldn't pass up this classic Celine signature tote bag at a recent charity luncheon. 

I plan on using it a lot this Fall.

I have had this amazing vintage alligator handbag for over 20 years now and consider it more a work of art than a useable handbag.

I don't remember where I found it but it was in pristine condition complete with the key to the lock, matching alligator compact, leather change purse and leather driving gloves.

I hate to admit it but this "Virgo girl" is too nervous to actually use it...

The double straps are finally starting to crack and deteriorate.

Maybe if I had them restored I would feel better about using it.

It's just so beautiful, it is almost too nice to use!

 Now I have no problem using this funky snakeskin or lizard vintage cutie.

 Although I prefer it as a clutch as the strap is trashed.

This is not a Chanel but it is a classic with it's long gold chain and quilted black leather.

And this cutie is not a Pucci, but it is a classic by Victor Costa.

And finally this vintage number screamed Kate Spade at me with its gorgeous shade of green.

I like to dress it up on occasion...

with a matching satin bow!

Fall fashion item just listed at


Kathysue said...

OMG!!! These are all wonderful Terri. I purchased 3 vintage bags recently. black patent,brown leather and a brown alligator. Typical 1950s pocket book style!!♥♥♥
Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures!
xo Kathysue

helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

You could start your own museum with this incredible collection.
Stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing and may your weekend be very special. Regards to your brother

Helen xx

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Wish I could find some of my old Fendi bags too Terri. Such a silly young girl I was.......great finds, a vintage handbag shop, how clever! Love the Celine. xx

Molly Hollis said...

Love, love, love your selection of beautiful vintage handbags. Inspires me to pull out my Fall clothing and embrace the season. Thank you...

The enchanted home said...

So many wondeful bags...I am a bag you are speaking my language here. Love the darkened leather handles on the LV and that Celine tote for everyday is fabulous.....looks like you are set!

Patricia said...

Dear Terri,

I follow your blog and find we have so much in common, but this is my first time posting a comment.

I have what my daughters call, "A purse graveyard", where old purses come to die. I never go rid of my LV, Fendi, Gucci, Dior and love pulling one out every once in a while. My first LV was a small bucket ($100) which I gave myself as a college graduation present in '73. In '76, my "Baby Bag" with my first daughter was the large bucket ($170). (I was recently stopped by a young woman asking me where I had found the wonderful vintage. My daughter was with me and got a kick out of responding, "It was her diaper bag when I was a baby!"

I too have given away some other wonderful bags and I think you found one of mine: the beige snakeskin clutch with the long strap! That same daughter is currently traveling in Europe with her husband carrying my vintage Ferragamo with the long strap.

Finally, I have an almost identical, very old alligator bag with the compact in it like yours. When the straps cracked beyond repair, I had them replaced with brown leather ones. Now my two daughters enjoy what is for them an "antique".

Again, love your blog, your mom, your home, your treasures and everything you show and write about; just wish you were closer!
Btw, my middle name is Therese (after the Little Flower)(Birthday coming up next week!)

Your friend in Miami,
Ana Maria

Karena said...

Terri I am simply stunned! Your collection is amazing, and invaluable! The Alligator is my favorite, you must use it occasionally!

2012 Artist Series
Art by Karena

La Brocanteuse said...

My absolute favorit is the Alligator. You once again inspired me to STOP and O-P-E-N my eyes when shopping for vintage.

Unknown said...

Hi There!
I know it's been awhile. I've been swamped with this and that. Love this post! I'm a "bag lady" myself. You have a fabulous collection. I'm sure these cuties are just the tip of the iceberg too. The alligator bag is my favorite, I don't blame you for having reservations on taking it out for a spin. Happy Fall! -Al

Mary Ann Pickett said...

DROOL. I want that Celine. I am mad at myself for giving away a cute little Gucci bag when I was over the logo thing. My sister just sent her vintage Chanel bag back to France for a complete reconditioning for $100. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I know what you are saying about the alligator...I have a precious Ostrich skin purse that I use on rare occasions. Great post.

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

What a collection!

The classics should never be given away/or sold, just put away for few years until they are "new" again.

I found an unusual vintage Celine bag at a local flea market for 50 €, I could now sell it for several hundreds €, but will keep and use it!

Beach House Living said...

Now that is a collection.
Love it.