Monday, September 17, 2012

Call me crazy...

But, all I wanted for my birthday were clean carpets and slipcovers!

It's made me the happiest girl.

Honestly, I am so blessed that most days feel like my birthday.

What made this cleaning spree extra fun was trying out this new stain treatment I found circulating around blogland.

You mix one part blue Dawn dishwashing liquid with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.

I used a toothbrush to rub it into the stained areas and IT WORKED!

Everything is uber clean and stain free and this Virgo Birthday Girl is beyond pleased!

I know you're thinking... seriously Terri, that is what you wanted to do on your birthday?

I'm coming clean when I tell you, YES!

The simplest things make me the happiest :)

I know you Virgos out there understand... plus there is something about the month of September that feels a bit like January or the start of a new year.

Oh yeah, and I did pre-order the new iphone!

Wishing you all a spotless week!


savvycityfarmer said...


h.a.p.p.y b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y

michele said...

ha! not a virgo, but i get it,terri. i really. do! way to lie it up!

i'm following and hope you're following as well.

best to you, birthday girl.


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Dear Mrs. Clean, First of all Happy Birthday. Secondly, I've been in your house and it's way way clean, so that explains a lot. Miss you,

Unknown said...

Quite amazing how September makes you want to spring clean right down to the cleaning cupboard.
I get that getting jobs done could be considered a birthday present.
Happy Birthday

La Brocanteuse said...

Ha ha ! But it is a good and happy crazy!
CONGRATULATIONS on your special day Terri, and I am with you, it is the small things( even if hard work at times) that means so very much!
Wish I knew the equivelant here of the products you used, would sure like to have tried it. Love from a September Spring day in Afrique du Sud( albeit no spring cleaning on this side!)
Colette x

Acquired Objects said...

I'm a Virgo Sept. 16th for me and I cleaned on my birthday. I reorganized a room and painted a door. The husband has given up on stopping me on my birthday since he knows I NEED to have things done and it's even better when I can do it uninterrupted.

Happy Birthday Terri!


Unknown said...

Im doing the same thing right now this week! cleaning carpets and slips! Didn't know the stain secret- THANK YOU.
Happy Birthday and have a blessed year.

Woodside Park said...

Hi, Terri -
Happy Birthday!! Looks like you are ready for a spotless year :) Thanks for the cleaning tip....I didn't know about this. And I have two dogs and lots of light color upholstery in the house.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I may be a Libra, but I can't stand dirt! Some sort of phobia that requires clean and orderly surroundings...most of the time. Happy birthday!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Thank you for your visit. Looking forward to following you too! xx Sharon

Burlap Luxe said...

Your not crazy at all, sounds like my kind of birthday wish :)

Miss you birthday girl!
Have a clean one :)

Unknown said...

I'm a Libra but totally get it! With 5 kids we do this ALL the time :)

Ivy Clad said...

Happy Birthday from one Virgo to another. Now I'm off to Pinterest to find that stain-release recipe. I'll be trying it tomorrow (if not tonight)!


Ivy Clad said...

Oops.. read too fast. I see the stain treatment instructions right here in your post. Thanks!


kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Terri I am with you. Nothing makes me happier than having everything like new and fresh. It's funny I'm a virgo too. All my favorite bloggers are virgos. Go figure, we get each other.
Hope you had a great birthday!


Kathysue said...

I missed your Birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie!! I can totally relate, I would love to have all of the above too. Of course I would have to purchase slipcovers first, lol!! xo Kathysue