Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Certain Compulsion

It seems that I have recently acquired a compulsion to free any piece of fabric or textile that has been "imprisoned" behind glass.

It all started innocently enough when I came across a pair of framed Foo Dogs.  The more I looked at them the more I knew I had to set them free.

Once out of the frame, they came alive and I was surprised to see how much nicer they were in real life.

I plan to have them star in a pair of pillows though I haven't gotten around to it just yet...

(I found this lovely salmon colored fabric to use for the welting at Laura & Kiran)

Not long ago I spied a gorgeous framed piece of patriotic needlepoint on my way out of a church rummage sale.  

When I saw the $5 price tag, I decided right then and there that I would remove it from the frame and turn it into a pillow. 

 Then I came up with the idea to welt it with a classic striped mens tie! 


And then the other day... I found another framed textile that at first glance didn't realize that it wasn't a print at all but a fabric tapestry.

  Well, that was all it took for me to consider the merits of turning that into a pillow as well!

Once I got it home and out of the ugly frame I placed it on my bed to see how it would look as a long rectangular pillow or bolster.

I was pleased at how nicely it complemented the bedding and Asian motifs in our bedroom.

 I remembered that I had picked up a gorgeous vintage velvet remnant at the same thrift store a few months earlier and was delighted how beautifully they complimented each other!

I got a little crazy and took a beautiful but very old and fragile piece of a silk quilt out of its frame in the hopes of turning it into a pillow as well.

I think I was a bit too optimistic with this one as it was glued onto a backing and had sustained quite a bit of deterioration.

And last but not least, about a year ago I found these vintage beaded, leather, Camp Fire Girls badges.

  I am considering sewing them on some vintage blankets I've collected over the years.

So it looks like I'll be busy bee this fall and winter creating my one of a kind pillows and blankets!

Am I the only one with this compulsion?


helen tilston said...

Hello Terri

I love it and I will be looking forward to seeing them as pillows.
I found a needlepoint and petit point canvas of HRH Prince Charles, behind glass and did exactly as you have, removed it and made a cushion. I gifted it to my close friend for her 40th birthday and being an Anglophile she treasures it. I used raw silk as the backing and gold braiding and tassel.

You will have so much joy. Will you hand sew your cushions?

Helen xx

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Yes you are Terri, and they will look wonderful, one of a kind! Get out that sewing machine, and take photos at every stage!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Want some help?

Acquired Objects said...

So glad you're rescuing textiles out from under glass since the glass will rot them. The glass holds in moisture and heat and will cause mold. Good luck with your pillow projects!


Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hello Terrie,
You have such a great eye for the possibilities! The striped tie will be wonderful with the tapestry! Hope your husband doesn't miss the tie too much! :)

Unknown said...

Hello, I've enjoyed your blog for some time, not until I started up my own blog did I realize how lovely it is to receive comments.... YOU are so very creative and your energy jumps off my screen.... wherever you shop you surly find great things to play with.... I'm envious of wonderful thrift shops..... living in Cambria I'm close to run off to Carmel just to " thrift shop ! " pillows will be a knock out, thank you for sharing, and wanter over to my blog and see what I'm into. Have a happy day.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

After seeing your fabulous results, now I have the passion as well.

Great ideas and beautiful results!

vignette design said...

Great post Terri! I love how you set these gorgeous textiles free! That bed bolster is amazing. Also in love with the patriotic needlepoint piped in men's ties. Very creative! ~Delores

JeanneW said...

I saw your pillow and thought "Wait a sec, that scene looks really familiar!". Turns out I visited there on a trip to China many years ago. It's the Summer Palace in Beijing and it's a World Heritage Site. I thought you might like to know. :)

PCovi said...

So often the frames people chose were yes, I like to free items too and reuse. I want to see the finished items...come find me :)