Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The sparks are flying!

I was doing a little cleaning & organizing of my garage & prop shop last weekend and had packed up my car with a few things I wanted to take to my favorite consignment store.

This large vintage glass window was among those items.

I've had this window and have been storing it for several years now...

I thought I would stencil the words LA DOLFINA on it and use it in my prop shop and for signage during sales.

I still think it is a good idea...

But sometimes when I'm cleaning and purging I can get carried away!

Just as I was about to hand it over, I remembered my friend, Jermaine of French Kissed, had recently blogged about cafe boards and chalk markers.

So I left it in my car and headed home intent on finding a potential spot for my own cafe or menu board!

After trying out several possibilities I decided that the best spot would be the side of my kitchen pantry cupboard which currently has several oars  leaning against it.

 The width seems to be perfect.

I can obviously adjust the height.

 I've got to give it a try!
It's so unusual with it's size, curvaceous frame and wavy glass.

 My plan as it stands now is to give it a good sanding but leave the gold detail and see how that looks. If it doesn't pass muster I'm thinking of painting it some shade of gray but I'd really like it to look a bit shabby and organic... what finish do you think would best suit my kitchen/family room?

 You might be wondering what precipitated a weekend of cleaning and organizing... 

 you know there is usually a spark involved!

This spark came in the form of an UPGRADE.

While on a bike ride Saturday morning we stopped at a garage sale where my gaze immediately landed on this Henredon campaign style headboard that had been left outside for possibly years and was pretty close to falling apart.

Still I could not stop admiring it...

The seller came up to me and said, "you can have it if you want."

I could hear my husband in the background grumbling the words, "No Way!" 

 (A new found treasure that looks great on the cabinet)

I sadly acquiesced as we rode off on our bikes.

We only got a few blocks away before lightening struck!

The word UPGRADE in the form of a better cabinet for our TV in the "mancave" hit me!

I promised my husband that I would go home and immediately empty out our current cabinet and take it straight away to the consignment store where it ended up selling immediately!

We both love the new UPGRADE, even in it's grayed out and distressed condition, and the best part is since we got it for free, we made money on the deal!!

Now that is a WIN WIN!


Kathysue said...

Loving both of your treasures. The window is especially wonderful. I would paint it black and where it is gold I would do white or paint it white and trim in black. But!! You know me, I am a black and white, gal. xo Kathysue

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

The window is fabulous and the headboard is fantastic. Love them both. Hugs, Marty

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

What a great window. It definitely is a keeper!

La Brocanteuse said...

I am loving your frame, have also been inspired by Jermaine 's post, but of course after seeing your frame...
Looking forward to see it finished.
Love to you
Colette xx

Karena said...

Great ideas from your finds Terri!!

You always amaze me with those sparks of ideas!

Art by Karena

2012 Artists Series

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

What a find, that cabinet TV stand was meant to be yours. Don't you love it when it finds you.
I am sure you will complete the vintage window just perfectly to suit your kitchen and dining room


Fleaing France & French Shopping said...

You've got to love something free and being able to make money off of your existing items.
I think all husbands grumble when we get that's no different here in France :)

for the love of a house said...

Great finds (even if one was already yours;) I love the new tv cabinet/headboard. So glad you dind't leave it. I love the angled top- looks so custom. I would never have known it was once a headboard. And the patina is perfect!

Mollie said...

Now I believe,old stuff is not yet to be disposed. It has still a value inside the house...I like your ideas here.Thanks for the share.

French-Kissed said...

Love that glad you are keeping it...I know you will make a great choice re make it pop against your cabinet maybe black or a dark grey and definitely agree about keeping the gold...the chalk markers come in black, too. Can't wait to see the result.


kim at northerncalstyle. said...

This was such a fun post. I love what you found, I adore your house! The paint, your pillows, everything! It's gorgeous and I love seeing it. Can't wait to see what you do with the window!

Kim :)