Monday, August 20, 2012

A new treasure for the laundry room

I couldn't resist bringing this home the other day...

and didn't think it would look this good in my little laundry closet.

But both the laundry fairy and I really love it!

What do you think?
Should I keep it?


designchic said...

It's it!!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Absolutely! Laundry is a terrible chore that I loathe. Anything to cheer me up while I work is a plus.

Now, can you really use it???

*Chic Provence* said...

Of course you should keep it.. and the fairy! train HER to do the laundry!! :)



Acquired Objects said...

Keep it! It looks wwonderful in your laundry closet. BTW I love your closet!


vignette design said...

Amazing! And perfect for the laundry room! Love your stenciled wall too. ~Delores

Woodside Park said...'s a keeper! I love its patina and form. I need a laundry fairy, too. Maybe two since I'm always so behind in laundry ;)

cheri said...

Keep it, it's a gentle reminder of what laundry was like before todays machines....

cj said...

Its a mangle, right? When I was at camp a million years ago we used to wash our clothes and put them through the mangle to get all the excess water out. Absolutely keep it!