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To take a virtual tour of yet another fabulous shop?

Come and experience the splendor that is

Located in Carmel Valley, just outside Carmel, California, Tancredi & Morgan has become a destination for antique collectors, interior decorators, and treasure hunters alike.

The store, the joint venture of Roger and Marsha Alldis, keeps inspiring locals and visitors with its constantly evolving design aesthetic.

Celebrating their 25th year, Tancredi & Morgan still mixes the old with new, collecting finds from all over Europe and the United States.

Roger, born and raised in South Africa, is always in search of old mossy urns, chandeliers, green and yellow pottery from France, and interesting architectural elements.

His background in engineering fuels his interest in antique children's toys and influences the striking zinc tables he crafts himself.

Marsha's clothing line - from the simplest tucked linen shirts to exuberant patchwork hobo bags made of vintage textiles - still persist to be a local favorite.

Come by during the holidays and you are sure to find a collection of Marsha's handmade pieces, from crowns to cards to vintage inspired banners.

Their daughters, twins Megan and Gwynneth, remain an integral part of the family business.

Constantly inspired by their worldly pursuits, they always return energized to rework the look and feeling of the store.

 The day I was there, Gwynneth was holding down the fort and kindly gave me carte blanche to take as many photos as I liked to share on my blog!

As you can see, I went to town!

How could I not!

She then pointed across the way telling me that they recently opened an annex where their newest shipment from France had just arrived.

What started as a Holiday Pop Up Shop now houses even more amazing wares!

Double Fun!
Double Trouble!

However you look at it, it's definitely worth the trip!

Antique pottery, including tureens, chocolatiers, jardinieres, yellow ware, and apothecary jars.

All manner of vintage culinary wares in the warm country styles they are known for.

Also chandeliers, bistro chairs and tables, Belgian linens, baskets.

Enjoy the rest of the show...

It is sooo GOOD!

7174 Carmel Valley Rd.
Carmel, California 93923



Mr Paul said...

Fabulous shop, I could find a thing or two to take me intot he realms of excess luggage! I seem to have missed some great stores in Carmel and Monterey last time I visited. A great excuse for a return shopping trip I think!

Paul XO

helen tilston said...

Good Morning Terri,
This is one of the most beautiful shops I have ever seen. The arrangement of items make me want to paint them as still life's and then I would be afraid I would not return them.
It will be on my list when I visit California, which is a journey that is long overdue.

To a great week

Helen xx

Kathysue said...

Love Tancredi and Morgan and it is the one place we always make time to see when we visit Carmel, have gone there for years and it never disappoints, always evolving and at the Holidays extra special. Love how she transforms the shop completely and it is always fun to see what new paint color she paints the wall. A true talented designer and treasure hunter!!! Fun to see it through your eyes. The whole time I was looking at this post, I was thinking it is time for Terri to write a pictorial book of all the fun haunts in Northern California!! xo Kathysue

vignette design said...

I need to get myself to Tencredi & Morgan asap! Heard about it from Lisa, and now that I've seen the photos, well I'm all over it! I saw some fabulous finds...

Beach House Living said...

Fabulous place! So many great things.

Karena said...

Hi Terri wow not only is Carmel one of my favorite places...I now have this amazing shop to visit thanks to you!

The displays are so enticing, I see so many great finds I would bring home!

I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

Art by Karena

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I love this store! I used to love to walk over there when the Quail Lodge was still running right across from it. I bought my sons some beautiful wool blankets with world maps on them a few years ago. They still love them.

I can't wait to get over there and see all they have. Looks like they really expanded! Love that striped knapsack. Thanks for taking me shopping!


Kate said...

wow! I'll have to make sure of visiting next trip to Carmel! Thanks for all the terrific images!