Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pacific Grove Antiques

 My hubby and I spent the weekend bicycling around Monterey and Pacific Grove last weekend.  

We parked our car on Lighthouse Avenue across the street from Pacific Grove Antiques.

Lately I have been talking about building a grotto for my religious statues and treasures and stumbling upon this amazing shop sealed the deal.

Apparently the owner, Marilyn, who is not Catholic, is completely obsessed with Catholic saints, relics, and religious items as you'll see.

There was unlimited inspiration and awe inspiring displays every where I turned.

I kept thinking I wish my mom were here to see this!

Often we will go into a shop where the vintage religious statues are misidentified.

She will take great pride in letting them know who a particular saint is. 

I always tease her that she could start a saint identification business!

Most of us can identify the popular saints like my patron saint, St. Therese, The Little Flower.

But every once in a while we'll come across a more obscure saint and sure enough my mom will know who it is!

I was telling the owner, Marilyn, that she probably knows more about the Catholic faith than most Catholics do and she had to agree!

It's amazing how an obsession can educate you!

Pacific Grove Antiques does concentrate heavily on religious collectibles and antiques but also has a wonderful selection of other amazing treasures in the mix as well.

There are 2 levels full of wondrous things!

The building is quite a treasure in itself.

Pacific Grove Antiques is a must see when you are visiting The Monterey Peninsula...

Trust me on this!

 I left there so inspired! 

And cannot wait to return with my mom. 

  We bid good-bye, hopped on our bicycles and off we went...

my head buzzing with visions of my future grotto! 

And speaking of bicycling...

There really is no better way to really see things than on a bicycle!

I bought my hubby a new bicycle  for Fathers Day and it has given us a new lease on life.

We find ourselves hopping on our bikes all the time now.

Riding to the grocery store, the farmer's market, garage sales, misc. errands, and the pure pleasure of just enjoying the scenic beauty that surrounds us!

Northern California and the SF Bay Area has so much to offer in terms of day trips.

It looks like we will be loading up our bikes a lot this summer and just heading out for the day...

I think we will finally start using those cute picnic baskets I've been collecting too!!

It's funny how you suddenly re-discover the simple pleasures of life.

And bike riding is certainly one of them!

I hope I have inspired you to dig out your bike if you have not been on it for a while and take it for a spin or a day trip.

It is so freeing! 

Like being a kid again!

It gets you wondering why you ever stopped riding you bike.

Funny how that happens...

 I hope you enjoyed my photos of Pacific Grove Antiques.

If you get the chance to visit please say hello to Marilyn for me.

I told her I thought she actually looked like a saint.

Just look at her face, don't you agree?


Madame Curatrix said...

Spectacular shop! I will have to make a note to stop by whenever I visit California again. Thank you for all the lovely photos. I adore and collect religious antiques as well, so it was a visual treat for me to browse your post.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Wow, that is a BIG shop and I agree, full of treasures. I like the idea of your Mom giving everybody an education on the saints :) I assumed she was an old Catholic school girl as I was reading, surprised it just comes from her love of them.
We don't ride our bikes in the summer, too darn hot here, but I do look forward to it in the fall.

Sandy said...

What a great post! Marilyn and I were neighbors at Remnants last fall and I have followed her from shop to shop, we calculated, for almost 15 years!!!! She is a true gem and I cannot believe you captured her face so seriously - she is always so soft hearted and soft smiling!!!! She is the sweetest person in this business and the store is one of THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL places I have ever been too!!!! I am so glad you captured it so beautifully!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Love this shop! She has a great taste. So many beautiful things. I will stop by next time I am in Pacific Grove. I didn't know she was there and it's great to find treasures like this shop!


larajanepark said...

I think it would be a great idea for you and your mom to do a book on saints! You could take photos of all the old ones you see in shops etc and your mom can write the summary about them! Wouldn't that be a fun project?

Mr Paul said...

What a treasure trove, wish we'd know about this place when we were last in Monterey. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic post full of wonderful photos.


cjsullivan133 said...

Wow! Awesome Shop! I feel like I just toured a church! I have the St. Theresa she has, but mine is in a glass dome! She looks very Holy! It's the white shirt and calm expression!

prince snow farm said...

right up my alley! The wings are by far my favorite.

sealaura said...

I love this store and it is such a delight. I spent the last year living in Monterey and when I went it here, I wanted to look at every nook and cranny. Sounds like you had a delightful trip. I love Monterey and California of course because it is my home. I'm in Texas for now, but hope the winds will take me back there soon. Thanks for sharing such lovely pics.

Anonymous said...

I've been going to this antique store for years and it's in a fabulous bldg. It was originally rehabed by landscap architects but they left and there' still some items outside that the landscapers had. Go you be happy.

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

It's been years since we traveled down the the peninsula--I think it's time for another trip. You are also inspiring me to get a bike and start taking advantage of all the bike friendly cities around here. Beautiful things at this shop!


Robins Nest said...

I lived in the Monterey Peninsula for many years and I know Marilyn.
Her store reflects her inner strength and beauty. I look at the photos of this amazing retreat (that what it is to me) and I feel calm and at peace.There are so many beautiful items to purchase and add to ones collection. Marilyn has told me of her many trips to Italy and how she finds these unbelievable treasures. She is very Angelic and I see how the Saint's live on through her stories and this "One of a Kind" store hidden in Pacific Grove where the Land meets the Sea.