Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Selling at The Alameda Point

Not being a "regular" seller at The Alameda Point can be a disadvantage but it also has it's advantages.

Allow me to explain myself...

First of all it is a lot of work and requires lots of advance preparation, heavy lifting, getting up at the crack of dawn, arriving in the dark and setting up your "space or store" under pressure.

All things I'm not good at!

But, thankfully my husband is!

You miss out on the best spaces which are located in the front rows and where the more known and popular dealers can be found month to month.

When you sell only occasionally, you usually get placed way in the back, which sometimes can actually be an advantage of sorts because some savvy shoppers actually like to start their shopping in the back.

But there is a reason for this as they are looking for rock bottom prices which is another disadvantage.

Personally, I have always found it a challenge to successfully navigate my way around The Alameda Point.  I tend to lose track of which aisles I've been down, getting distracted by all the enticing food booths that line both sides of the market.

And I usually miss out on seeing lots of great spaces because I get overwhelmed.

I've always wondered if anyone has figured out how to methodically and strategically navigate their way around this huge venue, successfully seeing all there is to see.

I love it when friends, fellow bloggers, or people I know of but haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, somehow stumble upon my space.

I got to meet the infamous Sue, of Sue's Barn in Manteca, this time as well as Camille and her friend and business partner Wendy, of The Vintique Object.

Camille and I have been trying to meet up for the longest time so it was perfect that they wandered into our space on Sunday.

I also got to hang out a bit with my friends Reichel of Copy Cat Chic and Maryjane from Paper Linen & Pearls.

I was telling Maryjane my heartbreaking story of missing out on an incredible treasure that was just down the aisle from me.

I was being a good seller and staying in my space selling my wares all morning long only wandering off for a few minutes when I set my sights upon this amazing folk art boat planter!

Upon seeing it and the $125 price tag I immediately told the gal, "I'll take it."
Suddenly a woman nearby said, "I'm thinking about it..."  

The seller looked at me and said, yes she's been here thinking about it.  I said well, I'm here now saying I'll take it. The woman said to the seller, "so will you take $100 and the seller said, yes.

I was speechless.

After she left, I asked the seller, "shouldn't you reward the person who pulls the trigger with cash in hand willing to pay full price?

She felt bad and so did I...

I'm curious, what do you all think?

I hate when these situations arise.

Maryjane wants to write a flea market etiquette book. Check out her blog post about it here.

Before I knew it my mom showed up followed by my friends Dino and Jimmy.

She was telling them that she was looking for a bicycle because hers was recently stolen out of her backyard.

So off they went in search of a bike for her...

Dino and Jimmy are both jokers and borrowed this funny little bike from a dealer they knew and brought it back telling her that they found her the perfect bike.

Although she was terribly disappointed she played along and hopped on!

She was rewarded for being a good sport as we found her a great used bike that she loves today at a thrift store for $45.  I always tell her that patience pays off :)

All in all it was a great day full of sun, sales, friends and treasures.

We rushed home, unloaded our cargo, cleaned up and headed over to celebrate our dear friend's son's graduation from Cal!

Boy did those margarita's hit the spot!!!


Anonymous said...

That is stunning that the dealer would ignore your full price offer in favor of someone who was indecisive and then offered less. Wow. Sorry for the loss on the boat but yay for your mom's new bike!

FrenchBlue said...

The BEST is your MOM and her SHOES!!
Miss you friend!

vignette design said...

Oh, how I wish I had gone to the Pointe on Sunday. It would have been great seeing you and your wares! Too bad about missing that boat. I don't know what is the right etiquette there. But your mom is adorable!

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

My friend went there for the first time last Saturday! She had an amazing time and bought watering cans and a potting bench, she wants to take me next month...I'm so excited! I wonder if you will be there! I'll try to find you, ok?

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello T,
Thank you or sharing your day as vendor, I love your displays and your eye for detail- so well put together. How I wish I could have popped in on you there! Looks like you and your team had fun, and that is the most important.
Love to you from Afrique du Sud- Colette x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Terri:
How dreadful to lose out on your planter and in such an underhand way. Shame on the seller!

Cheryl said...

Maybe the seller should have been direct and said to the indecisive buyer since you were here first I am giving you the chance to buy it at the listed price otherwise I am selling it to her (you)

Pigtown*Design said...

I agree with what Cheryl said. I don't think the dealer did the right thing. Too bad.

Kathysue said...

Sorry you lost a treasure! It really was a special piece. Mom looks great as always. Your booth looked beautifully displayed, You have the touch, xo Kathysue

Mary Jane said...

What great feedback from everyone about the seller making the wrong decision. Here is the beginning of the "Flea Etiquette" book Terri, I'm sure you aren't the first person this has happened to. Mom is so great, what a trooper and good sport. xoxo Mary Jane

Unknown said...

what a weird seller. their loss! Love the Alameda Flea Market and such great views of the city too!

love from San Francisco,

Acquired Objects said...

Your booth looked wonderful and sorry you lost out on that great planter. Truth be told though the seller had to go with the lady since she was there first and the seller could possibly pick that lady up as a buyer later on. I know you understand how those things go, never burn a bridge. Still sounds like you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Cheryl: offer it to the first customer for full price and if that customer didn't want to pay full price, then the seller should have let you purchase it. That was really stupid of the seller: She had 2 people wanting her item; she had the upper hand. She lost out on getting full price!!

larajanepark said...

OH RATS!!! I knew I'd be sorry I skipped Alameda this month! And I ALWAYS go....next time. I'd be happy to meet you in person. From thelooks of your booth you had some fabulous treasures :)

The French Tangerine said...

My favorite kind of post! I can enjoy all the fun of shopping without leaving my home! (Except of course the buying part..) But I don't need a thing, so this is better!
Thanks for the escape!

Unknown said...

I love your booth!!! I wish I was close enough to drop by. You know I would!!!

So sorry about the situation with the boat planter. Absolutely, the seller should have given it to you. I'm shocked she didn't. The "thinker" wouldn't have moved if you hadn't come along.

Here's to the next great find!
xoxo Elizabeth

the vintage bricoleur said...

Hi Terri! I'm glad you had a good day selling at The Point. I am sad to have missed you,(again) however I am glad you got to meet my Mom & Dad, Dave and Helen who were your neightbors for the day. We were busy selling at the Remnants of the Past show, but we will be in our regular space next month, P7&8. Hope to see you then! Terry

Kate said...

boo hoo on the lost treasure! the seller did the wrong thing, I agree with Cheryls suggestion

pam {simple details} said...

Oh my goodness, I'd be heaven there! What wonderful treasures, and your mom is too adorable! :)


Man...you should have taken your fingers and punched her eyes out! No fair.
I can't believe you met Camille.....I love her...and it is really hard work doing a flea market. I did Scott's a couple of times about 15 years ago and it about killed me! Definitely not for weenies....

The Vintique Object said...

When we get a booth in August, I hope you'll be there! It would be awesome to be next to one another and we could watch each other's booths so we can dabble in the shopping side of things. Take the money, spend the money!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Wow, looks like I missed out. When are you going to be there next? I love your taste and all you had! Sorry to hear about the boat. That seller sounded clueless.

Just catching up on all your posts!


*Chic Provence* said...

HI Terri don't worry there will be other, better, boats in your future!

I almost went on Sunday now wish I had! Will you be a regular at Alameda? Candlestick?

Promise to get over there and see you this summer!



Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Hi Therese,

I'm fairly new to your blog but loving it! You have some really incredible finds. Camille, Wendy and I are selling at the flea market in August and I am so excited/nervous. Your booth looks beautiful with so many lovely vignettes. Thanks for this post with an "inside look." Are you going to sell again anytime soon? Also, so sorry you lost that amazing planter--what an awkward situation! Looking forward to reading more!


Anonymous said...

Okay, well, to make you feel better, the boat planter is sorta ugly once you look at it more than twice. And I like all nautical, vintage, industrial, etc., etc., just as much as the next person, it isn't a cute piece. And, life's like that, win some lose some, but something with your name on it is going to surface, fall into your hands, I just know it!