Monday, June 25, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

There is nothing quite like homegrown vegetables.

Earlier in the season, a friend surprised us by building a raised bed and planting a few veggies in our side yard.

We love taking care of it and watching it flourish.

Our side yard is a decent size considering the standard 50' x 100'  lot sizes that make up our neighborhood.

We've never figured out the best use for this untapped space except of course to store our garbage cans.


That was until we stopped by the gardens at Cornerstone in Sonoma last week... 

Now this is a garden to remember!

There is so much inspiration here!

I think with a little planning we could conjure up a mini version of this next year!

I love the wire and wood structures that are incorporated throughout the garden.

I'm also loving the dark, almost black tan bark on the pathways too.

We planted artichokes!

The posts provide structure as well as purpose to the garden.

Vegetable gardens are a lot of work but the pay off is more than worth it.

What do you think of the garbage can planters?

I think they are going to fit right in with the galvanized  enclosure we built to hide our garbage and recycling bins.

I like the idea of having the path go down the center with a wire arbor connecting the raised beds.

Isn't it thrilling when you find something incredible that you can draw inspiration from?

This garden is pretty big but I think we can take a few ideas and work them into our small  side yard next year!

I'm quite sure I can find some cool vintage tubs, trash cans and containers at some of my favorite salvage yards.

I'm curious how many of you have a vegetable garden?

We love farmers markets but they can get expensive week after week although they are certainly worth the extra money.

I think a garden is a gift that keeps on giving.

We are loving our small simple garden and have already harvested some green beans that I munched right off the vine.

I love knowing that when I eat something immediately after picking it that it is still growing and full of life giving enzymes.

You are eating live food, harvested and eaten at it's peak.

It does a body good!

I love the term, Cave Man Diet, which means eating what God makes vs. what man makes.

Once you become aware of that distinction, you really begin to appreciate the benefits of eating live food vs. dead food.

I recently watched the movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which has started a juicing movement across the country.

Juicing is a great way to get lots of fruits and vegetables into our diet.
 (There's our son who was home for a visit last week!)

Summer's bounty can't be beat!
I can't wait for our tomatoes to turn red!



Acquired Objects said...

This was a lot of fun to see and yes I have a big vegetable garden. All the structures above will actually have live plants growing up them. That arbor connecting the two beds has green beans growing on them. Two years ago we grew our squash over a trellis and it was so much fun. You don't need a lot of room to grow things just love and patience. Have fun!


Linda said...

And look at the son that you have grown, also!

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

I love your garden the one you visited.
The architectural features are great.
I am missing my garden, we sold our farm some years ago. I had some plant supports which I made from copper piping which when aged looked wonderful. I was unsuccessful in growing artichokes and the blossom is spectacular!
Enjoy your garden. I shall resort to the organic road stands.

PS your son is very handsome

La Brocanteuse said...

Very inspiring indeed, and what a lovely gesture of your friends to spoil you with a " new" patch! When the weather allows, I will once again visit Villandry not far from where we are right now in me immense pleasure and inspiration to see the attention to detail there.
Sending you love from here
Colette x

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

Hi Terri. These are great images and are making me want to finish planting in our garden. We have a small (3 raised beds) veggie garden that I have used ever since we moved here four years ago. We too have a small yard and with 3 kids I didn't want to take up too much room but love having something growing all summer. I love to watch the kids pick fresh strawberries and just pop them in their mouths! Thanks for a great post. And look at your big grown up guy! I bet it's hard to believe...


outdoor sheds said...

Nice post indeed! Thanks a lot for share. Lovely garden!