Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Sales 101

I have a friend named Stephanie who I met when our boys were in kindergarten.

We hit it off immediately and so did our boys!

(My son Chris between Stephanie's boys Mitchell & Michael)

 Stephanie is a woman of many talents... I'll never forget the time she brought spider web cookies to class that seriously rivaled Martha Stewart's!

We soon discovered that we shared the thrill of the hunt whether it was at our favorite discount stores like Ross & Marshalls, thrift stores, garage sales or craigslist.

We loved to trade stories about our latest scores while watching little league games or in the school yard waiting to pick up the kiddos.

 Sharing our passion for treasure hunting was fun and exciting! We always had a great story to share whenever we got together.

 Looking back now, I can see why I took to blogging like a fish to water.

There is nothing like finding like minded individuals who share your passion.

Stephanie is fortunate to have a husband and 3 sons who also love the thrill of the hunt and often join her on treasure hunting forays.

In fact they have all become quite adept at scoring some incredible FREE STUFF on craigslist.

(One of her son's scored this for FREE on craigslist!)

I thought I was good...

but Stephanie takes it to another level altogether!

Being a treasure huntress extraordinaire has turned her into a garage sale expert as well.

With 3 boys and a large extended family she's become quite good at organizing and throwing some seriously profitable sales.

 (Stephanie's Dad manning the driveway)

She lives in a beautiful neighborhood known as The Gold Coast in Alameda which provides the idyllic setting for her sale.

As you can see from the photos, she's a merchandising whiz.

She invites her parents and siblings to join her for a 2-day sale that usually starts on a Friday.

Now I've been to my share of garage sales over the years but have yet to see one that rivals my friend Stephanie's!

Just a few weeks ago while my mom and I were out and about we happened upon her latest sale. 

I jumped out of the car, ran up and gave my old friend a great big hug!

(She even has hangers at the ready, now that's service!)

It's been awhile since we've seen each other...  with our boys in college our paths don't cross as much anymore.

I asked if I could take some photos and blog about her sale. She can never say no to me!

Throwing a garage or tag sale is a summer ritual for many.

(Her beautiful home has been featured in several TV commercials)

I hope my friend has inspired you to lighten your load and make a little extra cash to fuel some summer fun!

Happy Summer!


Helen said...

I love, love, love organized yard sales, but I have to say, the ones where you have to dig sometimes turns up the best treasures. Especially is the seller has NO IDEA what they just sold! Enjoyed the post.

Acquired Objects said...

Your friend is very organized with her setup and signs. A woman after my own heart!

Happy first day of summer!

helen tilston said...

Hi Terri

I like Stephanie's style of display. Her object look clean and tidy also.

Wishing her success in her sale this weekend


Beach House Living said...

How great is that to separate things by category!

Mary Jane said...

Looks like Stephanie wrote the "how to" book on garage sales. She's got it all going on with the signs and tables. Great post.

Mary Jane

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Terri, you and Stephanie are quite the team, and a long friendship to go along with it.

I am so inspired by her lightening up her junk, treasure chest of goods. I so wish I could be hitting some of these garage, tag, and yard sales in your town its a wonderful place to pick up some great stuff :)

Beautiful friendship you to have.

come visit and enter my hosted GiveAway!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Talk about great organization! Nice to have dear friends like that.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I just did this very thing but it was quite this big :)
How on earth did he find a motorcycle for free??? I had no idea.
Thought of you last week as we drove the long haul down from Seattle to Phoenix and passed right by Alameda on the map.

Summer said...

I really miss weekend garage sales in the Gold Coast. Talk about them and think about them often and still cherish some things I obtained. We moved away from Alameda in 1998. Do you remember before computers when you had to look in the newspaper for the street names and drive around looking for the colored flyers? I love it when you post photos of your finds from garage sales and the Alameda Point flea market. Of course, I remember the base when my husband flew jets from there. Sigh!