Monday, May 7, 2012

What a ride!

 We capped off a gorgeous weekend in the Bay Area with a bike ride through the  idyllic Napa Valley wine country...

We arrived at our destination, The Veterans Home  in Napa, around 9am

My brother told us to look for the Blue & White Getaway van where we picked up our bikes.

Most people brought their own but it was so nice to have them there waiting for us! 

 My sister in law Wendy took us to the registration tent where we got our numbers and pinned them on each others backs.

We assembled our team at the starting line and off we went!

Let's just say it doesn't get much better than a leisurely bike ride through the wine country...

No wonder it's the Tour de Cour's biggest event across the country!

Here is my brother's daughter, Sarah who is 18 and about to graduate from High School and has been riding with her father since she was a baby on the back of his bike!

The young man next to her is one of my brother's friends, also named Steve, who has been riding with him for the last 17 years!

My brother stayed by my mom's side the whole time, looking after her and making sure she was OK.

I had to stop and take a photo when I saw this!

I think it's a barn.
I'm not sure, but it is amazing!

The rest stop!
Time to fuel up and hydrate. 
But wait... 

Hearing some commotion, my sister in law sees my mom and brother and wonders what's up?

True story...

Just as my mom was approaching the rest stop with my brother and his friend right behind her, a squirrel fell out of a tree missing her by a few inches landing in front of them on the pavement! 

The last time she rode in The Tour de Cure another rider hit her wheel and caused her to fall, this time around a squirrel commits hari kari and almost hits her in the head!

 We are all still debating whether he had a heart attack or a branch broke and propelled him to the ground.

Definitely the beginning of an urban legend from The Tour de Cure.

My mom and my brother, her baby.
Stephen was born 5 years after her last child which in a way was like an only child for her as she got to spend lots of one on one time with him while the rest of us were in school. They have a very special relationship and are very close! 

I digress... back to the ride!

We rode by some cool houses...

This one  looked like it was newly built.

Love the garage/guest house?

My sweet niece, Sarah, leading the way.

Sarah and I stopped a couple of times for photo ops...

 A charming cottage...

Crossing the finish line!

My husband, the joker!
I texted this photo to my son who called immediately to see if his Dad was OK :)

So proud of my mom!

My brother's team, Team HIS, ended up raising a total of $6,655!!
Thank you to everyone who sent positive thoughts & donations our way!!!

The Napa Valley Tour de Cure was a great success and a lot of fun! 

Please join us next year


helen tilston said...

Hello Teresa

What a glorious day you had for your Ride. Perfect sunshine and the scenery is spectacular. It must have been lots of fun and a memorable day.
Helen xx

Acquired Objects said...

So nice to see so many people out raising money for a good cause. Looks like it was a beautiful day for a ride and the countryside gorgeous. I'm glad you had fun as well as helping so many.


Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi Terri,
We are Supporters of a fundraising event here in Sacramento, called Dogs for Diabetes. Dogs are actually trained to let you know when insulin levels are dangerously low! Great for parents of small children! So amazing!

Thanks for participating at my series today, at!

Anonymous said...

My 19 year-old daughter has diabetes and I volunteer with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) - so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to raise money to fund a cure! and thank your for the beautiful pictures from your ride - my husband and I had planned to drive the California coast for our 25th anniversary in June, but we remembered it is also his mom's 80th birthday in June, so we are going to Connecticut instead. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blog! :) Donna

mikky said...

So nice of you guys to raise all that money.
Poor little squirrel. Was he dead or still breathing and did anyone take care of him or bury the poor little guy? As you can see I'm a big animal lover!