Friday, May 25, 2012

They're Back!


 You can find them now at 


Acquired Objects said...

Or if I'm patient a couple of more weeks then mine will be out too! Yours are a stunning color!

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!

Beach House Living said...

I found a Trader Joe's here in the East and was near the store but no peonies. We had about 8 blooms in the yard though.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Or at the Chase House...........have days of cuttings still
to keep my desktop covered with vases while I can. I think it helps my blogging schedule-Hope you buy lots to brighten up your holiday celebrations Terri. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day. XO

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Just an add-on to my US friend got me hooked on the Trader Joes low-fat Pita Chips. They are worth the border-cross to stock up. Like eating potato chips without the guilt (not that I would do that-lol!).