Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treasures that tell a story...

Several weeks ago I posted about gallery walls and showed some photos of the one I've been assembling in my own home.

I have so many wonderful and meaningful things I've collected over the years but a space can only showcase so much and it can be quite challenging to create a pleasing composition.


One of the things I displayed that garnered a lot of attention was this hat! 

Several people wanted to know the story behind it.

Well, I wish it were my story to tell, but alas it is simply a treasure I found at a wonderful estate sale I attended several months ago.

Obviously it was used to commemorate a very special trip.

Perhaps, the trip of a lifetime!

I guess what makes me such an inveterate treasure huntress is that these types of treasures truly speak to me.

This was one of the few things left when I arrived on the second day of the sale.

I am so glad that it was there waiting for me...

I consider myself a caretaker of sorts.

It resonates with me.

I love the fact so many of you were curious about it too!

It is such a creative way to remember something so special, isn't it?

Another treasure I found and blogged about a while ago were a bunch of old letters that were stuck behind one of the drawers of a dresser I bought at The Salvation Army.

My husband and son discovered them as they were moving it into our master bedroom!

It was all very exciting!

I immediately noticed the strange writing and couldn't figure out what language it was.

Someone told me they thought it was the old Russian language called  Cyrillic.

I googled "Cyrillic" and this is what I learned...

The Cyrillic script or azbuka is an alphabetic writing system developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century AD at the Preslav Literary School.  

It is the basis of alphabets used in various languages, past and present, in Eastern Europe and Asia, especially those of Slavic origin, and non-Slavic languages influenced by Russian.

As of 2011 around 252 million people in Europe and Asia use it as official alphabet for their national languages. About half of them are in Russia.

I initially tried to find someone to show them to and perhaps translate them for me, but had no luck finding that person.

I eventually gave up and packed them away...

I forgot where I had put them until I discovered them anew in a box of old photos I had stored up in our attic.

So now, I am wondering if any of you might know how to go about deciphering these intriguing letters from the past...

What I can decipher is the name and Los Angeles address they were sent to.

There is also this "document/letter" with a photo attached.

And it is written in Spanish.

It seems to be "official" in nature.

I don't believe in coincidences and feel that I must somehow figure out who this man was and what he was about!

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

 Can anyone translate this for me?

These are definitely treasures that tell a story!

I just need to dig deeper to discover this one!

Have you found any treasures that have a story to tell?

Monday, May 28, 2012



In Loving Memory of Hometown Hero

At the time of his death, he was assigned to Company C, 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) of the 25th Infantry Division.
His family said it was the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that led Fogarty to enlist in the US Army.

"As long as his heart was beating, he served as a guardian of our freedom," said his older brother, Rory Fogarty.

Thank you to all the brave men and women of service and their families for paying the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM.

We love and pray for you all! 

*All images courtesy of Pinterest