Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here today... gone tomorrow

Our son graced us with a few days of his Spring Break last week...

 He was a sight for sore eyes as we haven't seen him since Christmas.

Unmade beds and dirty laundry never looked so good!

I've been so sad since he headed back to school yesterday.  For some reason both my husband and I miss him more this year than last. He spent the first half of his break in Santa Cruz with friends and the last few days with us. It was so nice just hanging out together, eating out at some favorite spots and watching several seasons of Mad Men trying to catch up to the new season. 

Downtime is a good thing!

How was your weekend?


Kathysue said...

Aaaah! I know how you feel, It never gets any easier to say goodbye, I don't care how old they are. Time and distance is always hard when it come to the people we love. SEnding you a hug. xo Kathysue

savvycityfarmer said...

you're a blessed woman ...

dirty laundry ... no problem!

Acquired Objects said...

You made me smile with the dirty laundry and unmade bed.....our men what would we do without them?

Enjoy your Evening!

Carrie said...

Awh! this is a sweet post. it's always nice to know that our parents are home waiting for us. it gives us a relieving feeling to know that we can always go home to our parents no matter what.

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Unknown said...

Such a sweet post. I bet you can't wait to see him on the next break, dirty clothes and all. We had a quiet weekend, kids have sniffles, and it has been rainy here. Have a good week Terri. -Al

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Downtime is indeed a good thing.
I'm so glad you got him all to yourselves for a few days. We had the daughter here for only one this time. She went off to Coronado with friends for her spring break but stopped in Phoenix on her way. Only 24hrs but we were happy to have it. :)

Hill Country House Girl said...

So many of us experiencing the same thing - to bad we can't all get together after we say good bye! We should open a big laundromat somewhere with a wine bar just for parents of college kids - we could all meet, do their laundry and share stories of how much we miss them and what it was like while we had them home for a short while! Feeling your pain.....hang in there!

La Dolfina said...

Oh I love that idea!!!
It helps to know you are not alone. : )
Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh, my heart just hurts thinking about it. Terri I've missed you and thanks for your thoughtful 'like' of my news about my Emily. I hope you all are very well and I wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. Hopefully one of these times I'll get my act together and be back blogging again. Working this 9-5 stuff is cramping my blogging life! All my best to you and have a truly wonderful Easter. Glad you got to spend some time with our wonderful son. xo Deb

larajanepark said...

Oh I bet you miss that boy of yours! How nice that you got him for yourself this weekend!! Enjoy xox