Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Calm before the Storm

Easter weekend in the Bay Area was absolutely gorgeous,

 so gorgeous in fact that it motivated us to get out and set up our backyard so we could enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

It was fun and came together rather quickly.

Every year we set it up a little differently.

The past few summers we have set up a beautiful chinoiserie style tent we purchased at Z gallerie which created a cozy outdoor room.

We would love to have a professionally landscaped backyard but have yet to accomplish that.

Years ago we laid old brick (from a demolished old building in San Jose) in sand which develops a lot of gorgeous green moss over the winter.

A few years ago we found some more vintage used brick off a building in San Francisco and hope to expand our existing patio this year.

We intend to get rid of the grass and push it back all the way to the roses and edge it with boxwood.

The first section to be filled in will be off the dining room where we have placed our outdoor dining set (in the grass)

You may have noticed that we relocated our Sunbrella curtain panels from the front entry.

We are currently in violation with our Homeowners Association and are waiting to see if they will allow them.

I purchased this unique chandelier a few years ago from Atelier de Campagne.  I adore the oyster shell detail on it.

Once we decided to expand the brick off the dining room we relocated our dining set to this spot and found the perfect branch to suspend it from.

We put up the umbrella, which matches our tent, currently residing in my mom's backyard which was used for the prop shop sale.
I bought a set of 4 concrete basketweave pots at a garage sale and have used them for a pair of gorgeous white hydrangea plants I scored at Costco and a pair of olive trees.

I also picked up a pair of bamboo director chairs at Marshalls a few weeks back and have placed them about for extra seating.

 I can't wait to say goodbye to this useless strip of grass and staighten out the curvy border!

These are the doors to our master bedroom.
I've ordered another pair of Sunbrella striped panels to match the ones off the dining room.
I found the perfect french rods to go with them at West Elm.

So, this is what our yard looked like over Easter weekend.

It was so nice...

but come Monday,

it all changed and it's been storming ever since!

Rain Rain go away, come again another day :)


larajanepark said...

Cute little yard you have there!

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

It's all very smart! I'll imagine you there serving me a drink!

Seawashed said...

I know exactly what you mean...I'm not far up north from you. We worked hard in our gardens for three days. We didn't 'set up' our patio yet...I knew the storms were coming. I just didn't know how stormy it was going to get or else I would have waited to plant my veggie garden. Yesterday we had hail the size of nickels that covered everything like snow. I think I will be replanting:( Your backyard is beautiful. I love all the black accents...especially your french doors. Oh my those are beautiful.

Kathysue said...

Love love it all!!! I really like the drapes in the back, I plan on putting some on each side of my slider in my back too!! You have such a wonderful design aesthetic and I love all of your touches! I am loving the rain we need it and it gives me a good excuse to stay in and relax, love that, xo Kathysue

Mary Ann Pickett said...

It is pouring like crazy here...just got back from vacation and I picked up a bunch of pink coral like you have on the beach in Florida. You patio looks amazing!!!

annie@mostlovelythings said...'s all so beautiful! It really is like making your outdoors into a whole new living space.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We have discovered your most exciting blog through the comment which you left on our dear friend Paul Gervais de Bédée's recent post. Indeed, when he and Gil were staying with us only recently we spent much of our time talking about interiors and gardens, and now we have this wonderful surprise in yours.

What you have created here, and what you show, are such a delight. We do admire the attention to detail which you have clearly given to everything from the pairing of so many items, which always helps to convey a sense of harmony, to the immaculate presentation which, we believe, is so important if a scheme is to be successful.

We shall look forward to more and have signed as Followers.

Beach House Living said...

The outdoors looks great. I would leave the grass though. It adds just the right tough of nature.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Terri, your backyard looks fabulous. I really like how the stripe panels look in the back and I adore the brick with the moss. I do agree with Beach House Living, I love the grass because it gives the yard a feeling of nature and keeps it from looking sterile and hard. Your backyard is wonderful. I also love your umbrella and how it works so beautifully with your panels and pillows. How I envy you spending time this summer in your fabulous backyard! Really wonderful, Terri!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I think it looks fantastic already, such a beautiful and inviting place to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Question: are the curtain colors black & white or black & cream?

Thanks said...

Just found your blog and I love it and I LOVE your yard-great job...I need some inspiration and yours is very inspiring...


So dang the old brick with the moss...the black and white accents!